Another Moose

I told my niece that I saw a moose on the way to work this morning
She said, “How do you know he was on his way to work?”
– Author Unknown –

Not so long ago, a pair of Moose ambled across the field behind our house. The moose (not meese or mooses) stopped for a short while, contemplated something, then moved on. (This was the best I could do, photo wise. The light was not great, nor was the weather…)

Fast forward to last week. I was at our local Canadian Tire store, and what do you think I saw? A moose – and not just any moose. A genuine Canadian moose dressed in red Trooper’s Hat, plaid shirt and a sporty scarf – with a Rudolph Nose!

Portrait of a Moose

Showing great restraint, I didn’t buy the moose. I did buy two strings of Christmas lights, though. Two days later, I realized I needed one more string of lights… and guess what? Apparently I needed a moose too, because there it was, right where I had left it in the store. Waiting patiently, glassy eyes sparkling, red nose acting like a beacon as it drew me down the aisle of this, that and a bunch of other stuff I didn’t need or want.

Moose with an HDR filter

Did I need a moose? No, of course not. Did I want something that makes me smile every time I look at it? Well, maybe. Did I have a vehicle in the parking lot big enough to carry a small moose? Well, yes I did. Was The Car Guy willing to carry the beast through the store and out into the parking lot? Well, yes he said he would.

Moose with a cartoonish filter

Does red plaid clash with my decor? Not at all.
Going, going, gone – another Canadian Tire Moose gets a home!

Moose needs a name. I’m thinking ‘Bruce’. What would you name this moose?

34 thoughts on “Another Moose

    1. I’ve only seen them behind my house a handful of times over the years. That’s not to say they don’t wander by often – just that it is a wonderful coincidence that I happen to be looking at that slice of the landscape at just the right time!


  1. Hahaha! I love it. Thanks so much for sharing your Moose. He’s amazing. I like Bruce it’s a handsome name for a handsome moose.


  2. I would do the same thing Margy and he is cute in a moose kind of way. Love the boots! Many years ago, here in the U.S,. the Hallmark stores were selling Rodney Reindeer. They were made of a parachute-type brown material and were a little flopsy-mopsy when they sat or laid on something with all four legs akimbo. I had a pair of them I put on the back of the couch and a Christmas pin of Rodney too – everywhere you looked was Rodney Reindeer (much cuter than Maxine stuff). The following year Burger King had the whole family – each week during Christmas you could buy a family member: Rodney and Ramona his wife and their kids … Randy was in flannel sleepers and I can’t remember the little girl’s name but she had a Christmas pinafore on. They are packed away carefully up on a shelf, not giving many grins up there. Your real moose is very photogenic.


      1. I should do that – this year I took out just a few ornaments to put around – it is just me and no one comes to visit (I have no family) so I stopped decorating, but you are right, they give you a smile, just to see them. Here is the Hallmark commercial from the mid-80s when they were at the height of their popularity.


        1. Christmas is pretty quiet at our house too. Family events have moved to the city. Makes more sense for just two of us to make the commute! I still decorate though – every item is a memory of something and I enjoy reliving them all! I love the glow of lights on the tree! (My tree (artificial) goes up in early Dec and there have been times it hasn’t come down until Easter!)

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          1. I think next year I will put up a tree … I collected teddy bears for years and my mom bought me a Boyd’s Bear ceramic tree – bears all over and it’s very cute. We had been very busy at work and I usually decorate at Thanksgiving when off the four days, and this year I decided to just hunker down and read –
            since I now work from home, and used to take the bus, and that was my primary time to read, I’d not picked up a book in many years.
            So I spent most of the long weekend reading – blogging has really taken a chunk out of any time I might have read. I like the glow of the lights too. When I worked on site, I always put a tree in my office as well as in the office –
            it was/is just my boss and me and our front of our office suite is glassed in, so everyone competes with one another to decorate.

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  3. I love Bruce! We have a much smaller Minnesota version moose in our living room and if I knew how to include photos in a comment box, I’d show it to you. He wears a striped scarf and fur-lined boots. 🙂


    1. Not everyone would say the Moose is fashionable, but at least the colours all match!
      A few years ago, Canadian Tire sold a similar beast, but it had different antlers – sort of more like a reindeer. My son-in-law bought one at the urging (I suppose) of the German exchange student who was living with them at the time.
      Neither beast is easily packed away when the Christmas season is over – so big. Both have become permanent fixtures of their respective living rooms.

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