Literary Origami – Book Fold Angel Decorated

The Book Fold Angel is finished. I added curly paper hair, a halo, and a ribbon around the neck.

How to Make the Curly Hair

A paper strip with three lines of print and a gluing tab on the right side. When the paper is curled there will be three curly locks!

I used two book pages to make the hair. I trimmed the margins off of the top, bottom and one side of the page, and left a small margin on the other side (for gluing.)

Then I cut between the lines, leaving the gluing tab uncut until I got to the third line. Then I cut through the gluing tab too. This gave me strips with three lines of print to each strip.

I used scissors to curl each line, just like you do with curling ribbon. This gave me three curls per strip.

I folded the gluing tab so it was at a 90 degree angle to the curly bits. Then I glued the tabs to the head of the angel (used a glue gun).

The Halo

The halo was a plastic ring that I wrapped in ribbon. I glued a toothpick to the ring, then stuck the toothpick into the head after the hair was finished.


If you want the hair to match the colour of the Angel, use pages from the Angel book. I didn’t do that, unfortunately. I used a different book. My first batch of hair was much whiter in colour – and I didn’t really appreciate the effect that had until after I had glued some of the hair on. For the second batch of hair, I used a page from a book that had slightly yellower pages. When I mixed that hair in with the white hair, it all kind of evened out. Sort of… Over time, I expect the whiter hair will turn yellow too.

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Book Folding Directions

Here is the ‘how to’ folding post: Literary Origami – Book Fold Angel.

Here is the ‘how to’ for book folding in general: Book Folding 101.

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  1. Pure genius! Really gorgeous, Margy, beautiful work. You wouldn’t be a good poker player, however, ’cause you’re always folding… 😂


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