Can Time Go Backwards?

Many thanks to my friend Larry for giving me this clock for my Clock Wall. Everything about the clock is backwards.  I’m hopeful that this clock will make me feel like time can go backwards, because another decadal birthday is only months away. What is it about a birthday that ends in a zero? Why does it seem so much bigger than the last nine birthdays?

This is my Arizona Clock Wall. If you look carefully, you’ll see which clocks need new batteries!

If you are a person who doesn’t like to listen to a clock ticking, you wouldn’t enjoy being near this bunch of ‘tickers’. They say tick-tock over and over again, but they don’t say it in unison. The aggregate sound is more like tick-tick-tock-tick-tock-tock-tick etc…

If my mind is not too intently engaged in what I am doing, soon the rhythm of the clocks will speak to me. “Want-cho-co-late want-cho-co-late want-cho-co-late”.  “Sun-is-shin-ing sun-is-shin-ing.” “Go-to-bed go-to-bed”… I won’t tell you what the clocks say about politics.

The Car Guy doesn’t mind hearing the ticking of the clocks, but they don’t speak to him. Perhaps clocks choose who they will talk to…

How about you? Do you have clocks that tick? Do they speak to you?

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14 thoughts on “Can Time Go Backwards?

  1. We have just one – A rooster clock that was a gift from my daughters. It does need new batteries so has been quite for a while. If I ever heard it say chocolate I would probably replace them.


      1. We lost our 6 year old rooster in November. I kind of miss his cock-a-doodle doo’s. The neighbors probably don’t though.


  2. I love the idea of a backwards clock (but only if it actually RUNS backwards and makes me feel younger). We have three ‘ticking’ clocks (one in the living room; one in the basement family room; one small one in my granddaughter’s room, which I also use as my writing sanctuary). When its quiet in the house (which it often is here, out here in the country) I often listen to the tick-tock sounds and feel time passing by. Occasionally its calming (‘nothing to do, nowhere to go’); more often than not, it makes me feel like I need to do more, faster to get it all done. I prefer NOT to know how quickly time is passing me by.


    1. The best part of having so many clocks is that they don’t all tell the same time and some of them have stopped. Time is less pressing when the timekeepers are so erratic!


      1. I have one that always runs a bit fast; no matter how many time I ‘fix’ it, within a couple of days its up to 5 minutes fast. I always look at it and think, “Oh, good, I still have five minutes until I have to …” 🙂


  3. Ticking clocks put me to sleep…like falling rain. I love your clock wall and the backward clock too.


  4. I love your clock wall, and the backwards one is a great addition. I used to have one like that but it was by accident — my husband “fixed” a broken clock and it went backwards ever since. We kept it and said it was a commentary on modern life. 😉


  5. I LOVE clocks and and your clock wall!! Over the years I’ve collected way too many wristwatches and photos of interesting clocks I’ve found in my travels.
    I even have a backwards clock like yours 🙂 I’ve had it for over 20 years and while I’m used to it and can easily decipher the time at a glance, I’ve discovered most people find it ‘disruptive’ 😆


    1. I’ve hung the backwards clock right beside a regular clock of about the same size – my quick and easy ‘translation’!
      I’ve never worn a wrist watch, but if I did, I’m sure I’d have a whole drawer of them.

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