‘Rona #3 – Lighter Side of the Coronavirus

My last post ‘covered’ toilet paper. Here are some other observations that might make you smile. Which one do you like best?

Someone did a great job of making this look like a real LEGO kit!
People have posted a few different floor plans, but The Car Guy liked this one because it included a garage.

Jake from State Farm – can’t count how many times I have seen the real commercial here in Arizona!


All My Virus Posts are here: The Lighter Side of Covid-19.


14 thoughts on “‘Rona #3 – Lighter Side of the Coronavirus

      1. We spent the last month dealing with a bachelor brother in law who fell on the ice and broke his knee cap. Still a ways to go on that one. That and a women’s retreat and now the virus….other than that things are pretty normal around here :).

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  1. These are hilarious and I can’t possibly pick a favorite — though the grains of rice, that a great one. No wait! The Lego one rules… except the exam notes from 1995 is inspired… and then there’s– 😀


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