‘Rona Virus – Staying Home

We’re ‘staying home’ in Arizona rather than Alberta. The Car Guy did a risk analysis (it is probably on a spreadsheet with a couple of graphs) and decided  there were more reasons at this time to stay put than to go back to snowy, cold Alberta!

Our grocery store has lots of plant based meat…

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    1. New batch of them coming soon. My husband is doing the research for me. He is much more tolerant of all the crap you have to wade through in order to find the gems…


    1. We are social distancing here in AZ. If we go home we have to go into isolation for 14 days, the government says they could check up on us, and they have threatened fines up to 3/4 of a million dollars for not following their rules. I’d say it is better to stay out of Canada for the next month.

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  1. There are worse places to isolate yourselves! We’re managing pretty well out here in the country (in Southern Ontario, where spring is arriving slowly but surely). There are few people out our way, the (essential item) stores are never crowded, and family and friends are communicating electronically. The only real difference I’ve noticed is the fear and trepidation in people’s eyes when they DO encounter you in a store (vs. the previously friendly greetings everyone always shared). I hope things go back to ‘normal’ when this is all over. In the meantime, hang in there and enjoy the solitude!


    1. I’m not seeing fear here in our community. We all just walk on opposite sides of the street, or stand and talk from a safe distance. The grocery stores are disinfecting like crazy and helping everyone keep their distance. While there is certainly some risk in being in the store, there are lots of options for ordering and picking up or delivering!


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