‘Rona Virus – If the Animals Could Talk

Are you a pet owner? How have your pets helped you to feel more cheery? (If you don’t have a pet, the following animalish jokes and memes might brighten your day.)

Speaking of brightening someones day, let’s thank some of the people who provide the Essential Services that allow a segment of the population to Social Distance and Quarantine. In my province (Alberta) these people work in Health, Medical and Public Health; Public Safety and Security; Food and Shelter; Energy, Utilities, Water; Transportation; Industrial, Petroleum, Natural Gas and Coal; Construction; Agriculture and Horticulture; Retail; Financial Services; Information and Telecommunications; Public Administration and Government; and many other Trades and Businesses.

14 thoughts on “‘Rona Virus – If the Animals Could Talk

  1. Good stuff. Our dogs think that just because we are at home (and actually working), that we should want to/be able to play with them all day. This results in numerous “nudges” while working on the laptop and getting the “I thought you loved me?” look. Good times.


  2. Loved the conference meeting/barking — easy to relate, though at our house it’s our cats trying to get in on Zoom meetings. 🙂


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