‘Rona Virus – Will Trade Grapefruit for Toilet Paper

Fun times here in Arizona. The Car Guy (in his role of procurement officer) is still shopping for toilet paper that is multi-ply, soft, absorbent and non-shredding. The only kind of toilet paper he has found in the stores near us is single ply, scratchy and tears apart ever so easily. He may have to go shopping further afield…

But – I have a cunning plan. We have a grapefruit tree that produces far more fruit than we can use. The Car Guy has been offering it to the neighbours via the Nextdoor App. People are hauling it away by the bag full. They love how sweet it is and they want to pay him for it. He tells them it is free… but I think he should put a new notice on Nextdoor that says:

Just picked, sweet grapefruit. Half dozen per bag – will exchange for 1 roll of multi-ply soft toilet paper.

Powerball is an American Lottery.

11 thoughts on “‘Rona Virus – Will Trade Grapefruit for Toilet Paper

  1. I would love to trade some T paper for a bag of fresh grapefruit! We are still in the depth of winter with no sign of spring! It is snowing again! And again and again …….. SIGH!!!!!!


    1. We talked to the kids in Calgary today. Snow, snow, snow. They are going out to our acreage tomorrow to plow the drive way. The grandkids want to play pool for a while too!


  2. The toilet paper / paper towel / tissue aisle in our small town grocery store is still empty. I think the larger towns and cities are getting preferential shipments. I, at least, do not have to worry – I always stock up on TP and other paper items when they’re on sale during the year!


    1. We went to Safeways and Target today. Empty aisle. The clerk said to come when the store opens, but there is always a crowd who dash in and grab their limit.


  3. Had to laugh about the seagulls and people attacking toilet paper in the Walmart lot. It brought to mind the year we went up to Duluth and my son and husband held up slices of bread and were bombarded by seagulls. My husband told my son, “make sure you keep your mouth shut while we do this” LOLOL.


    1. Good advice to your son. Seagulls have no fear of humans at all.
      We were in San Francisco once, eating chowder out of bread bowls – sitting on the pier. Seagulls everywhere trying to steal our food.

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    1. We were able to find homes for all the remaining grapefruit (about 4 dozen) by putting it in a box by the side of the road. With a sign saying “Free”, it only took a half day for them all to find good homes.

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