Getting Out Much? (‘Rona #9)

When you leave the confines of your abode, where do you go?
I go for a walk every morning. We get groceries a few times a week. Up until a few weeks ago we were visiting a friend who is a cancer out-patient, but that has become too risky for him now. The Car Guy goes to the Ace Hardware Store about once a week for reno supplies. He is miffed they removed the popcorn machine… The Goodwill Store closed down about a week ago – it was the last place we could get books to read. (We could buy them from Target or Amazon, but so far we aren’t desperate enough to pay full price…)


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11 thoughts on “Getting Out Much? (‘Rona #9)

    1. Add that to the hunt for toilet paper, and you can see what a difficult month it has been for him. (Big secret until I do the post – but toilet paper was procured two days ago. A pack of Charmin, no less! The local store either got a huge shipment or their new policy makes a difference – they make people social distance in a line up outside the store and limit how many can go in at a time. You can imagine how much that would slow down the pack of paper hounds who would arrive every morning and clean out the stock…)

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  1. Hardware stores in Ontario are all closed; you can order online or by phone for curbside pickup or delivery (depending on the order). Pretty much everything except grocery stores and pharmacies are shuttered (garden centres are struggling to go online to produce order pickup or delivery services). I find myself thinking, “Oh, I’ll just pop out and get …” and stopping when I realize that ain’t gonna happen. I’m down to once a week (carefully planned) grocery shopping; my husband makes a weekly trip to the Beer Store (even though they’re no longer taking empties) but that’s about it. Amazon is now clearly stating on their website that they’re giving priority to essential product deliveries, so ordering books, etc. will likely result in much longer wait times. It’s a crazy world out there!


    1. You are right about the crazy part. It will be very interesting to see if this social test really makes such a big difference.
      The contrasting test case is Sweden who has made recommendations similar to ones made throughout the world, but not mandated them to the same extent. Their game plan: rather than isolating the whole society, the Government has put the onus on the elderly, asking them to stay home.


      1. I’ve been following the comparison with Sweden as well. I honestly don’t know how this will all play out but I suspect we’ll be second-guessing decisions far into the future!


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