‘Rona Virus – Face Masks

Last week, people who are not ill were told NOT to wear a face mask of any kind. This week everyone is supposed to wear one when they are in public if social distancing is difficult. This is because people could have the virus but not show symptoms. (Source CDC).

Since Surgical Grade Face Masks have been unavailable for weeks, home made cloth face coverings have been given the thumbs up, (even though testing has shown DIY cotton masks only remove 50-60% of virus-sized particles from infected people).

People are fearful. They are also creative, leading to some very interesting masks. Though some of the masks are sure to elicit a chuckle or two, it is important to remember that they were made by people just doing the best they can when media driven fear overrides risk analysis.

Some masks and meme  s are purely for fun – I think…

Personal Risk Analysis – what conclusions have you drawn on how likely it is you would contract Covid-19?

7 thoughts on “‘Rona Virus – Face Masks

  1. Weeping happy helpless tears, and they’re making my mask all soggy!! Wonderful collection, Margy, thanks!! Hope you and The Car Guy continue to stay well and upbeat– Happy Easter!!


    1. Happy Easter to you too Mark. Yes, we are relatively well except for the normal things you get which make your doctor say, “Well, at your age…”

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    1. My favourite is the Norton Anti-virus one. Clearly a spoof but a stroke of genius. Technology is moving so fast – how many people would still want a disk to install something? (Besides me, ’cause I’m still installing MS Office 2010 on each new computer…)

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