11 thoughts on “‘Rona #11 – Looking at Food and Pants and Hair

  1. Loved them all! The last one reminded me (painfully) of my mother’s attempt to ‘trim my bangs’ the night before my Grade 10 photo day. She couldn’t quite get them straight, so she kept trying. I wore a hairband in an attempt to push them down as far as they would go, but I still had way more forehead visible in that picture than I wanted!!!!


      1. I’ve been debating chopping my own hair this past week. I ‘missed’ my regular cut in early March (due to a number of things) and now I can’t get it done (and probably won’t see a hairdresser for MONTHS!) It’s at the point where I could tie it back in a ponytail to keep it out of my face, but I hate the messiness of it. I’ve cut my own bangs already, but the rest might see the sewing scissors applied before long!


    1. At our grocery store, sometimes there would be no chicken, sometimes not much of some other meat. The didn’t seem to run out of veggies. I guess meat is a comfort food.


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