Still at Home (‘Rona #12)

How are you all doing?
Are you running out of things to do? (We sure wish the library was still open.)
Are your stores out of any products? (Our Safeway’s doesn’t have Tylenol – apparently there has been a spike in demand for Tylenol and other such over-the-counter pain killers but that is probably just a temporary shortage.)
Have you learned anything about your fellow inmates… er, family members, that has surprised you?
When do you predict that restrictions will start to be lifted?

Jake from State Farm – a series of TV commercials.



Song: Jolene, by Dolly Parton

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12 thoughts on “Still at Home (‘Rona #12)

  1. You have become a collecting point of viral memes. Interestingly enough, my wife of almost 36 years and I actually are getting along better than we did prior to being stuck together. Go figure.


    1. I’ve read that stress can make relationships stronger or weaker. I know my husband and I had a stronger relationship during and after our child had cancer. Some marriages fall apart under similar circumstances.

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      1. True and unfortunately, I’ve seen that failure happen too many times in my career. Our schedules, prior to confinement, and after 34 years of being married, was that we didn’t spend a lot of time together and we were both always stressed. Now, we are together all day, we’re pretty relaxed about it.

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  2. Our lifestyle really hasn’t changed; we’re pretty ‘isolated’ out here in the country and, being retired, we generally stay close to home and putter around all day as a matter of course. I only go into town (around 10km away) once a week to do grocery shopping (the only change there is I make a detailed list so I don’t forget anything!) and my husband makes a trip to the Beer Store every couple of weeks (he’s stockpiling empties in the corner of the garage because most stores aren’t taking them back). I miss being able to browse through garden centres, relieving the occasional bout of boredom by going into the ‘city’ (we have 3 smallish ones within 30 minutes of her) to shop, or visiting the library (but I have a huge stash of book in the basement that I’m finally getting around to reading, so I’m good there). Our Internet is sluggish in the evenings (we’re on satellite, so the more people using it, the slower it runs) which is a nuisance but we’ve learned to just avoid trying to stream anything after 6:00 p.m. That’s about it. I miss my kids (and granddaughter) but we’re in contact, so I know they’re safe. It sometimes just seems very surreal!


    1. I’ve listened really hard, but I never hear your laughs! Maybe some day blogging will have a Facetime or Zoom component and we can ‘visit’ a blog post in a more face to face way!

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  3. I agree with Master of Something Yet….the voodoo one is my favorite. I read it to my husband and he just kind of snorted. I did not pursue what that meant as I did not want a shooting pain across my back LOLOLOL


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