‘Rona #17 – Eating, Masking, Clothing

In this meme roundup, I’ve got some more face masks; also the popular topic of eating and drinking – and how it causes clothes to shrink.

I can vouch for the reality of this bacon ‘face mask’. My youngest daughter loves bacon AND is a nurse who has to wear a face mask at work. This is her version of ‘having your cake and eating it too’ – a tasty fun way to have breakfast!
I don’t know anyone who has made this chair, but I do know any number of people who would think this was a great idea – and would build one that was much more comfortable.

This one made me take a closer look at the inside of my microwave… and yes, I gave it a real good cleaning.

15 thoughts on “‘Rona #17 – Eating, Masking, Clothing

      1. Oh, I want those, too! My granddaughter has had a couple of pairs and I envy her! She also has an awesome selection of really cute t-shirts with cats and unicorns on them – why don’t they make those in adult sizes, too?!?!?!?


    1. You are welcome. Stay as cool as you can! We’ve had two nights of frost here in Alberta – big contrast from Arizona. It is easier to dress for the cold than it is for the heat, though!


      1. Yeah, we’ve been watching the cold front and Wisconsin is having some unusual cold for this time of year. Ah, from one extreme to another. Crazy!


    1. Funny you should say that. My microwave in AZ was new last year, though it was a floor model that had been used by the staff. It really did need a good cleaning – which I did when I saw that meme…

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