Going Home (‘Rona #18)

It is that time of the year when Canadian Snowbirds make the return journey to their northern homes. Our home is in Alberta. When we get there, we will be required to quarantine for two weeks. It will be far more restrictive than our Covid experience in Arizona. At our Bland Beige AZ house, there are miles and miles of community streets and a wilderness park to walk in. We have had lots of opportunities to visit with neighbours by simply stopping to chat to people from a safe distance across the street. There have been no Covid cases in our zip code. No one wears masks when they are out and about in the community.

What is your Covid experience?

10 thoughts on “Going Home (‘Rona #18)

  1. Your life will be different, for sure, but I’m confident you’ll get through the quarantine and out the other side unscathed. Our rural area has had no cases reported and while the stores in nearby towns are following cleanliness and protection procedures, only half of the people I encounter there (keeping well back, of course :)) are wearing masks. Our biggest ‘fear’ is that ‘city people’ will figure out how great life is out here in the country (no line ups, etc.) and invade us! Heaven forbid!


    1. We are at Day 7 of quarantine. The Car Guy is quite happy doing the grocery shopping on line. Amazon.ca covers just about everything he needs for simple home repairs (leaking sinks and toilets are a big item this spring…)


    1. And for that I am thankful, since we actually get our water from a well… The Covid meme well is starting to dry up though – which is a good thing because it means that restrictions will start to be lifted soon.


  2. Personally my life hasn’t changed much except my husband is doing all the shopping. I still get out to walk or work at the farm everyday. We weren’t much for going out for meals or recreation even before this came about. The thing I miss most is having family over. In our state it has been ordered that everyone must wear a face covering when in indoor public places and everyone must keep a ft.. between people who do not live in their household. Will you be driving to your summer home?


    1. We live on an acreage in Alberta (our ‘most of the time’ home.) Other than grocery shopping, runs to the hardware store and visiting, our live isn’t much different either. The drive from Arizona to Alberta was quick and easy. We have to quarantine now for 2 weeks, but we wouldn’t be going off the property much anyhow – spring yard clean-up will keep us busy!

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