Carry the One (‘Rona #19)

It will be very interesting to see what the state of education is when all the kids finally return to school! How long will it take for teachers to absorb all the interesting ‘old school’ concepts that kids were exposed to when the parent or grandparent was the teacher!

For example, how long ago did you learn arithmetic – how to add, subtract, multiply and divide numbers?

In my day, addition used a concept that is now called Column Math. Numbers were ‘stacked’ on top of each other. First you added the numbers in the far right column… well, you probably know the rest about what gets carried over to the next column.

9 thoughts on “Carry the One (‘Rona #19)

    1. When my youngest daughter was learning to read, her teacher said there were about 10 ways to teach reading. The trick was to find which method worked for each child. I expect there are a few ways to teach math too, but maybe one that works for the most kids!

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      1. You’re probably right. Actually you are. There are a lot of math programmes where it’s made visual and concrete – understand number before trying to use them.


  1. My five year old granddaughter told me (very emphatically) awhile back (when I was asking what she was learning at school; she’s in Junior Kindergarten) that “There’s no such thing as arithmetic. It’s called math now.”

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    1. A parent who was a math teacher! That must have been like winning the lottery!
      My husband was fairly good in math – he was able to help the kids with their homework until late High School. After that, one of our good friends was a former math teacher. Whew!


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