‘Rona Virus – Not So Close Contact

My Birthday gift from some of the family.

If you only read my posts for the funny Covid memes, scroll down the page. If you want to read about our Canadian Snowbird trip home, start here:

The Car Guy and I (and Wanda, our little SUV) finished the three day drive from Arizona to Alberta. Yes, we threw off the hot comforter of Arizona (at 103F) and ventured forth into the world of long haul truckers, four lane black top, truck stops and fast food. It was one of the easiest, fastest and least stressful trips we have taken.

We took along face masks, but quickly decided that social distancing and hand washing would keep us, and anyone near us, probably safe (there are no guarantees in life…)

How Safe? Well, Covid is spread by Close Contact for a certain length of time. How close is close? The World Health Organization (WHO), The CDC and Health Canada say 6 feet (2 arms length or 2 metres).

As for period of time (with social distancing), there is general agreement that there is low risk of infection for brief encounters of a few minutes or less; increased risk as the exposure time increases; the most risk after a few hours. The risk is far less if the person is simply breathing, more if they are talking, and even more if they cough or sneeze. All agree that your best defence is to social distance and wash your hands with soap and water.

As for masks, the CDC says, “Wear cloth face coverings in public settings where other social distancing measures are difficult to maintain (e.g., grocery stores and pharmacies), especially in areas of significant community-based transmission” (which were none of the areas we were stopping in.) Health Canada says  “Wearing a non-medical mask or face covering while out in public is optional.”

What we found out there in the ‘real’ world was – there were relatively few people out and about, other than truckers who by nature seem to social distance; truck stop staff were either masked or behind clear screens; extra clean restrooms; all dining is done in your own vehicle or motel room;  and the motels were almost empty (in Cedar City Utah and Butte Montana).

Crossing into Canada was uneventful. It took a bit longer to listen to the Covid advice, but the border agent was maskless, the distance between the agent and us was as normal,  and the process was the same as always. The agent told us we had to go directly home and self-isolate, but acknowledged that if we had to stop for fuel or bathroom break, we should just put on a mask.

The day after we arrived in Alberta, some provinces and states began to open up some business and some recreation. The Times They are A-changin’ and with it, hopefully the fear-fueled stories spread by mass and social media will diminish. We know so much more about Covid-19 now. People are, and will continue to revolt against management by fear if governments don’t replace that with management by knowledge, hope and common sense.

As the present now will later be past
The order is rapidly fadin’
And the first one now will later be last
For the times they are a-changin’
– Bob Dylan – The Times They Are A-changin’ –

In keeping with the toilet paper theme (see photo above), here are the remaining toilet paper memes. People have milked this for all it is worth, I think.

13 thoughts on “‘Rona Virus – Not So Close Contact

  1. Sounds like you all had a good and safe trip. I think, seeing the many different sceneries and countrysides along the way would be enjoyable. 😀

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    1. We really enjoyed Highway 14 through the mountains (and high enough to be up in the snow) as it winds it’s way down into Cedar City, Utah. The other highlight, really, was to see all the farmers getting the fields ready for planting in the northern States and southern Alberta.

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    1. Our new normal isn’t much different than our old normal. Retirement while living on an acreage – in the spring time… The Car Guy is really getting into online grocery shopping and Amazon.ca is a great source for almost everything else when the stores are closed!

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      1. I have been buying some Amazon groceries too Margy. I had a lot of pantry items to go through but have supplemented by ordering off Amazon before I ran out of my “supplies” so it would have a little while til I needed to use them. I’ve been careful deaing with the boxes as well – Michigan is the third highest state for deaths and we are the 10th most populous state. As to cases, we have slipped a little which is okay with me!


        1. It seems possible that having an international airport (Detroit) was not so good for Michigan! Here in Alberta, we have Calgary, which is one of the only four airports in Canada that was open for international flights when the pandemic was declared. That has had an impact, for sure.

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          1. Yes indeed and Detroit was considered a “hub” so we had people in/out of there for international flights related to the automobile industry all the time. You are very lucky you had so few international airports in Canada. Here in Michigan we were, at one time, 3rd in the nation for deaths and cases … and Michigan is the 10th most-populous state.


            1. We actually have about 17 international airports and dozens of smaller airports, but only 4 were allowed to continue to have international flights after Covid measures began in earnest!

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              1. I heard about the Calgary Zoo returning the panda bears to China as it was so difficult to get bamboo for them. I thought that was interesting. Apparently it is plentiful over there. I went to see the koala bear exhibit at the Toledo Zoo one year and they were all sleeping. The eucalyptus leaves they thrive on are all water and they have no energy so they sleep a good deal of the day. Who knew? A large group of visitors had driven many miles to see them with arms/legs hanging down from the branch fast asleep.

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