‘Rona Virus – It’s OK to Be All Three

We now know so much more about this virus than we did just four months ago! The secret to the viruses success in replicating in humans is that it often causes no symptoms or very mild ones. It is a different story, however, for the elderly and anyone with significant health issues. In many countries, this population accounts for a high percentage of deaths.

With this knowledge, and the emerging problems of those who don’t have job security, many countries are in the process of lifting restrictions.

Moving on – here are some more light hearted covid moments AND rumblings of dissatisfaction from society.

Barrel of Monkeys was a game released by Lakeside Toys in 1965. Nurses have repurposed the monkeys to hold the elastic on their face masks!

Nurses who have longer hair are tying it up into two Princess Leia buns. They slip the face mask elastics over the buns. My daughter is a nurse but her hair is very sparse due to the chemo she received when she was younger. Her friend has made her headbands with a button on each side to attach the elastic to!

Asian Giant Hornets have recently been found in the Pacific Northwest. They are being called murder hornets because they attack honey bees.

The City of Ottawa, Ontario gets points for the funniest sign using the Monty Python Silly Walk.

Many of the bloggers I follow have written ‘rumbling’ posts. Fear of the virus is being replaced by fear for those who have not been able to shelter in place without having significant health and job issues.

We can only live in this bubble for so long. Then we are ceasing to live at all…if we are going to live in a free society, we will never be able to account for everything. We bake the risk of mobility into our lives. And while I am not arguing AT ALL with some extra safety measures during this time of fact finding and figuring out what the hell is going on. And while I am heart-broken by any news of even ONE death or serious illness, there comes a time when we have to take a deep breath (full of contaminated air) and walk out the front door into life again.
– Regie Hamm, Bubble People

… to beat this thing we have to help each other find joy in a time of sorrow and we need to find little happy moments in a time of confinement. Spending time with our neighbours isn’t wrong and having a beer on my driveway hurts no one… It also means fighting the activists, the new puritans and the petty bureaucrats working hard to erode the social license.
– Blair King, How new puritans, petty bureaucrats and irresponsible activists risk eroding the public will necessary to fight Coronavirus

I wonder how we will look through the lens of time. Will we look like people who cowered in fear? Will we look like people who sacrificed for the needs of others? Will we look like people who were discerning and had wisdom? Will this just be a blip in the timeline of our world or will this so change our world that we no longer recognize it? Will we be judged on our lack of ability to listen, really listen to someone who had a different opinion than us?
– The Chicken Grandma – Questions Without Answers

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      1. We aren’t. But another’s pain shouldn’t take away what we appreciate. I’m loving the time. Also anxious. Also grieving for the losses. Sad for everyone alone etc.


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