Quarantine – on the Home Stretch

We’ve finished day 10 of the 14 days of Covid quarantine (mandated by Canada when we came home from Arizona.) While it is good to be back on the acreage in time to watch the first green things pop out of the ground, it is a bit challenging to not even be able to go pick up the mail!

The Car Guy decided the best way to get groceries was to order on line and have home delivery. This has worked very well. A ‘personal shopper’ texts us as they shop. They let us know if anything isn’t available. The only downside is that The Car Guy has managed to order a few things in a far greater size than we would normally buy… this jar of peanut butter will last us for a very long time!

Peanut Butter

The big 1 Kg size.


Topaz Studio

Do you notice anything unusual about the position of the photos? They are side by side – and the text is beside the photos, rather than below it. This is just one of the features of the WordPress.com block editor. I had never used it before, but thought it might be prudent to at least know what it can do before the day comes that the WordPress Classic Editor disappears.

Here are some other things I’ve learned to do. I can add a separator (the line below) and make it narrow or wide – in any colour I like.

I can add an image and give it a rounded style. This is in a two column block again.

I can add a calendar of my sites’ posts:

May 2020

I can add a gallery of photos. I can choose the size of the images and how many columns I want them to be in.

This is a Drop Cap. I will have to resist the temptation to overuse this feature. I already use too many exclamation marks! I also like dashes – though I’m never sure when I should use an ‘en’ dash or an ’em’ dash.

Now I’ve got three columns. The middle one is the list block. The last column is the quote block.

  • I can choose alignment
  • I can make the type bold
  • I can add some color

this is a quote – I don’t want the red line, but I don’t know how to get rid of it.

Slow going. It took me most of the evening to write this post!

What say you if you are a WordPress Blogger? Do you use the Classic WordPress Editor or the new Block Editor? What feature do you think is the coolest?

14 thoughts on “Quarantine – on the Home Stretch

  1. I attempted the block editor when it first showed up, but I found the boxes distracting so I wound up switching back to the classic. Obviously I didn’t give it a fair chance. Maybe with this extra time I should look into it again.


    1. The whole interface of the block editor seems odd to me. So many drop down menus. Things popping up when you don’t need them and disappearing when you do need them. I do prefer the Classic Editor because the trusty old menus – across the top and down the right side – just stay there.
      I think I will keep using the Classic Editor most of the time, but switch to the Block Editor when I want to do something that only the Block Editor can do.

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  2. I hope WordPress isn’t going to make me do something different. Re the peanut butter I ordered a small Jif for $2.22 on Walmart pickup. They were out so they sent me a huge Great Value for the same price. I hope it’s good.


    1. You can be sure that if WordPress does remove the Classic Editor, you won’t get much notice! Hopefully they won’t do that, though.
      Hope the peanut butter is good!

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  3. Your text and photos all appear ‘normal’ when I view your post, so not sure how the added features are supposed to look.


    1. Linda (comment below) explained to me that if someone reads the post in the WordPress Reader, then all the special formatting is gone…
      It also disappears, I suppose, when someone reads it on their phone.


      1. She’s right – if I open your post in the Reader, none of the enhancements appear. If I go direct to your site (which, honestly, I never do with blogs I follow), they are all there. I guess if you use Block Editor and want people to see the features, you need to put in a disclaimer (something like, “This post looks very nice if you view it here.” with a link to the actual site. WordPress has strange ways.


        1. I think WordPress is, and always has been, developed by people who work in isolation. One hand doesn’t know what the other is doing.


          1. The majority of their ‘upgrades’ are designed to improve things for their paying (corporate) customers; the rest of us are just the guinea pigs (suffering through the trial phase!)


  4. Margy – I went to the Block Editor in April 2019 as I anticipated going to Windows 10 at work and a brand-new accounting system and I had also heard that we were going to be migrating from Classic to Block Editor soon and didn’t want to deal with three new things simultaneously. However, at this late date, we are still on Windows 7 at work, our old accounting system and I have a Windows 10 laptop purchased by my boss, taking up space and a plug while we await converting to Windows 10. Sigh. I’ve learned to live with the Block Editor, though they are constantly tweaking it, i.e. I’ll go in one day to do a post and they’ve reconfigured some of the draft/edit functions. One time I go in and the part where you put your categories and tags shows up and the next time I have to search for it. I am used to the blocks, but the thing that irritates me most is now on the left side all the block types shows up and stays in the draft. That is something new in the last week or so and I find it horribly distracting. My favorite thing is the justified right margin, as I never liked the ragged right margin. However, something I don’t like is all that effort is put into sprucing up your post and most of those features do not show up in Reader, especially underling on the headlines, colored text, nor the justified right margin. Grrr.


    1. When I think about it, it isn’t a surprise that the block features wouldn’t show up in the reader. It is really just a feed reader like Feedly.
      I’m going to stick with the Classic Editor, but will keep watching to see if there are any blocks I really like – then I can switch for that post.
      I moved to Windows 10 when I got my new computer. Once I got used to it, I wouldn’t want to go back to Windows 7!

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      1. I was surprised – all the effort and no one sees those enhancements. A fellow blogger uses Feedly rather than Reader. Oh well, we would see it in our blog and how it presents to the non-WordPress world or when we look at it. I wish I had stayed in Classic Editor and I liked their slideshows better as well. This was time-consuming to me to use the block editor. Not only that, I draft in Word and move it over and I would previously load all my photos into the post, then load my text and just move the text around the photos. Now, with the block editor, in order to get justified, and still draft in Word, I have to convert my written texts to Notepad first. I have heard that Windows 10 is great and have not used the laptop except occasional updates and that’s it. I asked my boss yesterday about when we’d move over to Windows 10 but he was noncommital.


          1. I have been archiving all my blog posts and pictures onto a flash drive – I was more organized before I got busier with blogging. Now I do compose in Word, but sometimes change it around a little once I am in WordPress.

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