If Tom Cruise Ran for President

If Tom Cruise Ran for President – Actor: MILES FISHER: https://linktr.ee/milesfisher

Other Things I Found this Month while Surfing the Internet:

Understanding Engineers:
– Percussive Maintenance: I hit it and it started working
– Cycle Power to the Panel: Turn it off and on again
– High Impedance Air-Gap: I forgot to plug it in
– Organic Grounding: I got electrocuted
– Thermally Reconfigured: It melted
– Kinetic Disassembly: It blew up
– Thermal Shock: It burned






7 thoughts on “If Tom Cruise Ran for President

  1. A fun read! The “dice the onion” one reminded me of a night school class I taught back in the late 70s (“Typing 3”; this was way before computers). One of the lessons was “Creating Copies of Documents”; students were asked to bring their own onion skin and carbon paper. One student showed up with a small plastic bag containing several layers of the flaky brown skin of an onion. From that I learned to be more specific when giving directions! LOL!


    1. Well, that is very funny! My husband tells a similar story about a management exercise where they were asked to explain to the person next to them how to smoke a cigarette – while the partner was to act like they had never seen a cigarette (or smoking) in their lives. He said the funniest part was what happens when you don’t explain which end goes in the mouth after it is lit…

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    1. Yes! The same can be said for that pair of tweezers that can actually remove that stubborn hair on your chin; the hair cutting scissors; the heavy duty kitchen shears; and the gardening secateurs.

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