Husbands of Target and IKEA – Dude Dad (Video)

Every man needs a wife. Many things go wrong that can’t be blamed on government.
– E.C. McKenzie –

Every day millions of husbands are left unattended in Target parking lots. We are now starting a Husbands of Target movement to band together. Join us, we have beef jerky.
Dude Dad YouTube Channel

Every time my wife and I go to Ikea its the same thing… lots and lots of waiting, trying to find her, and arguing about dumb stuff. Love you babe!
– Dude Dad –

Dude Dad is Taylor Calmus, a Los Angeles based actor/comedian. Also featured are Charlie Berens, The Holderness Family, and You Betcha.

I’ve collected many funny quotes about husbands and wives:  Love and Marriage

9 thoughts on “Husbands of Target and IKEA – Dude Dad (Video)

  1. I used to find it amusing to see husbands sitting on chairs outside changing rooms in various stores at the mall, looking dejected and bored while their wives tried on clothes (although now that I think about that, you don’t see it anymore).


    1. The few times The Car Guy and I shop together in a clothing store, there are ladies and men’s departments. We both go our separate ways and meet up at the check-out!


      1. I honestly don’t think my husband has ever even visited a men’s department in a clothing store or mall, never mind made a purchase. He’s always depended on someone else to buy him his clothes (or he just wore the “rental” clothes provided by the dealerships where he worked as a young man!)


    1. In this day and age, why any woman would take husband and kids shopping seems odd… Having said that, my husband and I shop together most of the time when we are in AZ. We make a whole day of it, go for lunch… then stay away from metro Phoenix for weeks and weeks!

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