What Colour is a Balanced Life?

An uplifting 3D animation about a Father (Copi) and his son who are trying to find the balance between assigned tasks and creative living. Watch what happens when this is out of balance. Does it make you think about how unbalanced we have become in the ‘RonaWorld? What colour are you when you are in balance?

Balance is not something your find, it’s something you create.
– Jana Kingsford –

Alike – This animation production took 5 years to complete
Directed by: Daniel Martínez Lara and Rafa Cano Mendéz
Produced by: Daniel Martínez Lara and Nicolás Matji
Music by: Oscar Araujo
Production Company: Pepe School Land
Release date: July 8, 2015 (Mundos Digitales); December 13, 2016 (Online)

10 thoughts on “What Colour is a Balanced Life?

    1. I hadn’t heard that song before!

      “Flowers are red young man
      Green leaves are green
      There’s no need to see flowers any other way
      Than the way they always have been seen

      But the little boy said…
      There are so many colors in the rainbow
      So many colors in the morning sun
      So many colors in the flower and I see every one.”

      I’ve read that many adults say they can’t draw because that is what they were told by their teachers throughout their schooling.

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    1. Hoping your colour remains vibrant, whatever one it may be. (I’ve read that blue suggests “security” and is a good idea for lawyers, though orange suggests excitement and energy. Green has an environmental feel…)


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