Missing in Action: The WordPress.com Classic Editor

If you, like me, have stubbornly refused to use the newish (and ever changing) WordPress Block Editor, you may have recently discovered that WordPress no longer appears to give you the option to choose the Classic Editor to write your posts.

There is, however, an easy work around that takes you back to the ‘good old days.’ Here is what you do:

If your ‘My Home’ looks like the one above, click the option ‘WP Admin.’
This will take you to the old ‘Dashboard’ above. Click on the word ‘Posts’ so that it is highlighted.
Now you will see ‘Posts Add New’ to the right of the word ‘Dashboard’.
Click the arrow to the right of ‘Add New’ and there will be a drop down menu that gives you the option of the new ‘Block Editor’ or the old ‘Classic Editor’.

I suppose the Classic Editor will eventually be discontinued. It has basic capabilities, but doesn’t let you “Author richly laid-out posts”… richly laid out posts that might end up looking like they came from the Classic Editor if they are read in a feed reader or on a smart phone.

Making the simple complicated is commonplace; making the complicated simple, awesomely simple, that’s creativity.
-Charles Mingus –

14 thoughts on “Missing in Action: The WordPress.com Classic Editor

    1. I pay for the premium plan – which gives me nearly instant access to a Happiness Engineer whenever I have a problem. That is where I got the workaround – but I’m annoyed that they didn’t tell everyone about it beforehand.

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  2. Ah, how I wish I had read this earlier! I eventually found the workaround, but not without a lot of frustration. Thanks for spreading the good news!
    What’s weird is that I made peace with the Block editor and was doing fine, but its most recent incarnation is nuts.

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  3. Thanks for sharing the workaround Margie. I bit the dust in April 2019 and went to the Block Editor only because we had just ordered Windows 10 at work plus new accounting software, so I figured I’d figure out WordPress then move on. The funny thing is we are still NOT on Windows 10 – the computer guy is dragging things out. I’ve read several posts by fellow blogger not happy with it.


    1. I’ve read the same kind of posts. Personally, I think people are stressed enough right now without WordPress adding to it by making it seem like they had removed the Classic Editor.

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      1. I agree – I passed your workaround to a woman who has been blogging for a few decades (not always on WordPress) … she was very frustrated the other day. It has been a stressful year as you say … this becomes the cherry on the sundae of things that did/could go wrong in 2020.

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  4. I gave up on WP because it was no fun…a real chore actually. For multiple months I have only posted a couple of times. Maybe now I can get back to regular blogging as 2021 rolls around. Thank you for the help. Now I just have to make it my new habit!

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