Andrew Cotter’s Tails from the Labs

More Very Funny Videos from Andrew Cotter.

I posted Olive and Mabel Episodes #1 and #2 at Mildly Amusing Missives #9, but you can watch them, of course, on YouTube at Andrew Cotter’s video link above.

She knows that she can still take it by shaking all over the furniture as we get back home.

…the inappropriate stuff with Kevin the doberman from accounts as well…

Andrew Cotter is (or was) a sports commentator – Wimbledon, The Masters, The Olympics – that sort of thing. Then 2020 happened and he decided to post some videos of his Labradors, Olive and Mabel. Millions of views later and Olive and Mabel now own the YouTube channel!

9 thoughts on “Andrew Cotter’s Tails from the Labs

  1. I subscribed to his channel after seeing episodes #1 & #2 on your site. Every time he posts a new video, I have to drop everything to see it. They always make me smile!


  2. Hi Margy – just paying your blog a visit and thanks for the introduction to Olive and Mabel (and Andrew). The Company Meeting is particularly hilarious. Great to discover such a tonic during these stressful times. Thanks.


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