This and That – Moose, Snow and Halloween


We had one more day of being ‘Hostage to the Moose’, though by mid day they had all settled down together, well away from the truck.

We drove to town and did some errands. Got the seasonal flu shot. The Car Guy never gets a really sore arm from the shot. Mine hurts so much that I can barely lift my arm. A sore arm is apparently good. It means the immune system is mounting a robust attack on the dead viruses. This year, the Canadian flu shot is for protection against Influenza A(H1N1), Influenza A(H3N2) and Influenza B. (That doesn’t mean we won’t get a different flu, but it might mean we don’t get as sick from the flu types in the vaccine.)

That night, nursing a flu shot sore arm, I watched some YouTube videos about Moose. Did you know that in Russia there is a herd of moose that are being raised for milking!? Moose Milk! (Not to be confused with Canadian Moose Milk, an alcoholic beverage that the Royal Canadian Navy, Royal Canadian Air Force, and Canadian Army all claim to have originated. )

In modern times… recipes and techniques vary—different branches of the military may each have their own secrets—but dairy, rum, nutmeg and sugar are typical ingredients. “It’s high-propulsion eggnog.  You can dig into this stuff and find yourself in a sorry state very quickly.”
Moose Milk – Imbibe Magazine

A pair of ‘Deere’.

Snow and Cold

After a few weeks of really great Fall weather we got a few weeks of snow and cold. Then it warmed up for a few days. We thought we would get back to work clearing the dead fall in our woods – but the moose put an end to that idea. We could have got the tractor out and used the noise of the ‘Deere’ to discourage the moose from staying. That seemed mighty unneighborly though.

The next morning the Moose were gone from our place. I miss them – while not really missing them, if you know what I mean.

It started snowing again. We got a message from Amazon that they couldn’t make a delivery to our house.  A ‘mooseless’ walk down to the main road and we could see why the driver had aborted the delivery. It had snowed enough during the night that the driveway had disappeared.