This is the Week That Was: November 16, 2020 – Amazon, Time, Invention of Ikea (Video)

Andy Amazon

I, however, am expecting those craft supplies…

If it wasn’t for the delivery guys, our social life would be almost zilch.

The only upside to Covid is that many retailers have made online shopping really easy! We don’t need to drive anywhere, delivery is quick and products are available that aren’t always stocked in the local stores.  What’s not to like!

The King/Queen of online shopping is Amazon. It has more than 2.5 million retailers selling on the Amazon marketplace (according to Marketplacepulse, 2019).

We ventured out last week to buy a new kitchen tap set at Home Depot.  They were out of stock, but we could order online from them. Delivery was in one to three weeks. Amazon had the same product for the same price and it was delivered two days later… though it might take The Car Guy one to three weeks to decide whether he is going to call the plumber to do the install.


How did IKEA come up with their business and marketing plan? Dude Dad has this very funny explanation!

Too Early for Christmas?

This ‘Lest We Forget’ admonishment arrived in my Facebook feed a few days after I had put up my Christmas Tree. I’m not really sure how decorating for Christmas implies disrespect for anything, but if that is what some people feel, then they have every right to feel that way…

…and I have every right to do what feels right for me. Hence the tree. Right now it is the brightly lit beacon in the corner of the living room that dispels the late afternoon gloom that came after we changed the clocks.

My previous post about time change was:  Daylight Saving Time.

My Remembrance Day Posts were:
Lest We Forget
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This was from this past spring. Turns out that 4 months wasn’t forward enough.

17 thoughts on “This is the Week That Was: November 16, 2020 – Amazon, Time, Invention of Ikea (Video)

  1. My only comment about Christmas decorating is that it shouldn’t happen before Hallowe’en has taken place. One holiday at a time please! For some reason years ago I started decorating for Christmas on Grey Cup weekend. No Grey Cup this year so my brain doesn’t know when to start decorating. lol


    1. Personally, I’m happy about your tree — you do you! Meanwhile, I put up little sparkly lights in my sunroom that is currently not getting any sun. Much more cheerful as a result.

      Shut up, Todd! 😀


      1. I can see the day when the tree stays up the whole year and I change out the decs to suit each holiday. As it is, it goes up before Christmas and comes down in May when we get back from AZ…

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    2. First time the Grey Cup hasn’t been awarded since 1919, I think!
      I was thinking of putting the tree up before Halloween, but I don’t have any Halloween decorations that are suitable for a tree…


    1. I suppose that is one more service that will appeal to people – if it brings down drug costs. I had to get a prescription filled when we were in AZ and was surprised how expensive it was compared to a similar product in Canada. Then the US pharmacist dug around in a drawer and came up with a discount coupon that I could use… so different than a Canadian drug dispenser!

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      1. That’s interesting Margy. My grandmother, who lived in Toronto, had heart problems most of her life and used to see a specialist at St. Joseph Hospital, had heart tests every year and was on medications and I thought she paid nothing but that was years ago – she passed away in 1986. I heard the Amazon prescription program being discussed in a radio program and they said it was good, but if people traveled, some people like the convenience of going to any Walgreen or CVS should they need refills so not everyone was on board. The service is free if you’re an Amazon Prime member, and if not, delivery is probably a surer bet if you depend on the postal service for delivery. Since the election, the delivery has improved, but likely with more COVID stats these days, we will go back to an early pandemic schedule – mail only three, maybe four times/weekly.


  2. Don’t need anything from Amazon? Surely, you jest (I know, you asked me not to call you Shirley). I just know there’s a device on Amazon that opens jar tops and makes installing kitchen tap sets a breeze.


    1. I’ll tell The Car Guy to check Amazon for what must be called the ‘EZE Opener and Installer System’ for the reasonably proficient, but not so flexible older person wedged under the kitchen sink.

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