11th Anniversary of Blogging

I reached my 11 year Blogging Milestone at the beginning of November. Though that is a long time compared to the longevity of many blogs, my output has been only 1000 posts. Many bloggers I know consistently deliver an interesting post a day! If I had been able to do that, I would have authored 4,015 posts in 11 years!

I was on a mission last year to reach 1000 posts on my 10th Blogging Anniversary but came up short by 78 posts. This year I wanted to have 1111 posts… drat, short by 111 posts… I think I’m going backwards.

This Anniversary I’d like to thank all the readers and fellow bloggers who have made the ‘Year of the ‘Rona Virus’ tolerable. Your stories have lifted my spirits. They have taken my mind to far flung places while my body was in lock down!

Sadly, some of you dropped out of sight. I worry about you, especially if you are senior citizens. You have triple jeopardy – the virus itself, the worry about the virus and the loneliness of isolation. Quadruple jeopardy if your sinuses don’t take well to masking. Quintuple if you are a political conservative. Sextuple if you are a white male. Septuple if… well, you get the idea.

I’ll wrap up this Anniversary post with a few punny thoughts about blogging. Groan if you must…

As a blogger, I constantly feel cold, probably because I’m surrounded by so many drafts.

I avoid using apostrophes in my blogging. They are too possessive.

Is there a blogger whose creative life hasn’t been punctuated with slow writing periods?

My editor once criticized my blog. He said that double negatives were a “no-no.”

Sometimes I run out of blogging ideas. That’s when I go to the fabric store and find new material.

The left side of my blog is completely missing, but it’s all right now.

We bloggers are sometimes deep thinkers. For example, if pencils came with erasers at both ends, what would be the point?

While doing research for a blog on sign language, nothing handy came up, at least nothing I could put my finger on.

Would a blog about transcendentalism require Thoreau editing?

20 thoughts on “11th Anniversary of Blogging

  1. Congrats on 11 years. We’re very close (I’m 10 1/2). It has been a pleasure following you all these years. As a white male, conservative, vulnerable virus aged, masked man, I salute you on your anniversary.


    1. Thanks, Al, for all the laughs you have provided over the years. I’m looking forward to visiting your blog for many more years!


  2. Congratulations on your anniversary. I look forward to your blogs as do many of my friends now. Keep giving us things to think about and smile about.


    1. Thanks Wendy. I’m so glad we reconnected through Facebook after so many years of distance. Your observations on life are always helpful.


  3. You have been making many people smile, laugh, sometimes look perplexed, and always look forward to your posts. Keep them coming for another 11.


    1. I’ve been pondering who ‘Misty and Enzo’s servant’ was and then the light went on! I’d have caught on sooner if I’d already met Enzo! If you had said Misty and Hugo – then I would have known! Looking forward to getting to our South House and seeing you all again.


  4. So glad you are still blogging Margy. I love reading your posts. They brighten my day ..always!


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