On Covid-19 Travel Bans and Existential Threats

Regie Hamm observes how, after years of listening to certain people demand open borders and protest if anyone from anywhere was detained or turned away or sent back to their country of origin, for any valid reason – the same people have become movement deniers in the face of the threat of spreading Covid-19.

Covid 19 is allowing all the closeted fear of the open-minded to finally surface… it’s showing us exactly how we will respond in the face of a direct threat. We don’t have to even speculate, anymore. And it’s also showing us which tightly held ideals we will sell out at a moment’s notice, given the right circumstances; the right existential threat.

At the end of all this, those who survive will have an actual accounting of how everyone else acted during it. Who got gripped by fear? Who kept their cool? Who kept their sense of wonder? Who kept their sense of humor? Who helped? Who didn’t?
– Regie Hamm, Existential