This and That – Robot, Monks, Oops


You might be able to relate to this fun video if you have ever had to prove you are not an internet Robot or if you have had to verify your account so that you can change your password.


It starts off so plausible and serious…

Did you know that in Las Vegas, NV, there are more Catholic Churches than casinos. Not all that surprisingly, some worshippers at Sunday Mass will put casino chips in the collection baskets.

Since the diocese receives chips from dozens of casinos, it has become problematic and time consuming for individual parishes to separate, count and cash in the hundreds of chips they receive each week.

The Bishop turned to and enlisted the assistance from a Franciscan Monastery, just outside of Las Vegas. Some of the Franciscans sort and count the chips, while others are tasked with delivering the chips to their respective casinos and returning the cash to the parishes.

The latter are affectionately referred to as chip-monks.
– With Thanks to Ray V. at Mitigating Chaos

The Other

Good idea, really poor execution: The Alberta ‘Rona Virus website has a COVID-19 personal risk severity assessment tool. I tested it out.

Age group: 60-69. Biological sex: Female.
Conditions (from list of 8 health risks): none.
Resulting risk level: LOW

That was what I would expect… except I recently took up residence in a new decade. So I took the test again.
Age group: 70-79. Biological sex: Female.
Conditions (from list of 8 health risks): none.
Resulting risk level: HIGH

To sum it up: If you took this test one day before your 70th birthday, you would be at Low risk. One day after your 70th birthday and you would be at High risk. Seems like they have to have a greater number of age brackets AND they have to give some weight to the health risks.  (In Alberta, the average age of death from Covid-19 is 82. The majority of those who died had 2 or more health risks.)

Some more Close, but not quite right

When you want to fly direct to Boston but end up wherever your luggage got sent…
Maybe a new way to social distance???
Not the most appropriate photo for this frame…

6 thoughts on “This and That – Robot, Monks, Oops

    1. I guess I really am in the low health risk category. The province just announced the order of who gets the Covid vaccine. I don’t think the hubby and I qualify until about next September.


  1. I am very used to being in a high risk category. My father died at 44 of a heart attack. His father died at 43 of a heart attack. Every time I took a risk survey, even though I could check no risk in every other category (non-smoker, daily exercise, one or less drinks per day, not overweight, family history automatically put me in the high risk category. Might as well add another one.


  2. That video was spot on – I was in a blogging group on for several years and one of the bloggers used the platform and it had the most-ridiculous way to screen comments I’ve ever seen. Since I was not on Blogr, I could not use my blog url but had to comment as Anonymous. I’d go through the “I am not a robot” then the stop signs or whatever they were using that day and it still would not let me post as anything but “Anonymous” … I’d sneak my name into the comment. Thankfully he only posted twice a month. I have always worried as my grandmother and her eight siblings all died of heart disease and my mom had a heart arrhythmia and that is partly why I started walking as gardening did not give me enough exercise and I was online too much. You think COVID is the biggest thing to worry about right now, but we have all these public service announcements that give symptoms and say “don’t let your fear of COVID get in the way of taking care of these symptoms – you could end up with _____, or _________, or _________.” Yikes!


  3. I know what you mean about logon problems. I use Thunderbird on my computer to read email – the yahoo account does not like that. They want me to use a yahoo app, I guess.

    I think we are all pretty tired of Covid and now that the Vaccine is being rolled out, we know who really is at risk and who wasn’t at such great risk! Where I live, I expect it will be about next September before I qualify.


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