‘Rona Virus – Satan Meets 2020 – Ryan Reynolds

Ryan Reynold’s Maximum Effort (a boutique production house) partnered with the dating site Match.com for ads that depict ‘2020’ as a perfect match for Satan. The two ads are really well done and quite funny.

The ads begin with Satan sitting on his throne in Hell 11 months ago. Unperturbed by the sounds of torture surrounding him, his interest is piqued when a ping on his phone notifies him of a new match.

On a more serious note, this quote seems to capture Covid 2020:

Fear is the dark room where the Devil develops his negatives.
– Gary Busey –

This one captures a significant segment of mass and social media:

I don’t really believe in the Devil, but if the Devil is the Father of Lies, then he certainly invented the Internet.
– Ken MacLeod –

8 thoughts on “‘Rona Virus – Satan Meets 2020 – Ryan Reynolds

  1. Those ads were hilarious! I seldom stay up to see the New Year come in, but I think I’m going to make an exception this year. This year makes 2001 look like a picnic. It’s the year that coined the term “the new normal”. Now we talk about “Before Times” and hopefully 2021 will be the “After Times”.


    1. Good idea about staying up to watch the New Year come in! For the last few years we’ve gone to a dinner theatre with friends for New Years, but looks like we’ll have to see it in by ourselves this year.
      As for the new normal, I personally think ‘normal’ is something each and every one of us defines for ourselves! I just have to look at my kids and grand kids to know I don’t want, or couldn’t, live the way they choose to do!


    1. Yeah, I thought they were really funny too. They may have offended some people, though – I’m not seeing much traffic for this post…


  2. Oh, these were great – we can’t lose our sense of humor! I like the quotes too. I knew the Devil had something to do with 2020! May 2021 treat you and the rest of us better. Cheers!


    1. Yes, 2020 was a devil of a year!
      I enjoyed your husband’s Stayin’ Home poem and it brought back great memories to listen to Dean. He had such an expressive way of singing.
      I envy your ‘rare snow’. We’re still in Alberta (haven’t migrated to AZ yet.) Got 12 inches of snow last night, but are grateful we have a good tractor to clear the way out to the road – and a speedy rural snow plow system!


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