This, That and the Other – 2021, Trees and a Virus


I put all the Christmas decorations away last week – everything but the Christmas tree. The tree takes up quite a bit of space in the living room – so I scooted it out to an adjoining area. Now it is out of the way, but still clearly visible when I sit in my favourite chair!

I think it will stay there for quite a while. The lights make me happier and I need all the happy I can get to dispel the gloom of Alberta winter nights and mandated Covid social limitations.

We’ve turned the corner on sunlight, of course. The shortest day was December 21, and we are gaining almost a minute a day of daylight right now. We’ve also had a few weeks of mild weather. That is to say, temperatures have been such that I’ve traded heavy winter mitts for light ones when I go for a walk.

We’ve spotted the moose, a few times, though not in our yard. They have been favouring the lands west of us. We’ve been seeing more non-local vehicles drive up and down our road lately. I suspect they are hoping they will see the moose too.


As you can see, we’re still in Alberta. We haven’t made the annual snowbird trek to Arizona yet. Travel outside of Canada is not advised and we aren’t allowed to enter the USA by car.  In one of those strangely odd ‘rule loopholes’, we are allowed to fly there, though. That makes Arizona happy because they need the tourist dollars.

The Car Guy is ready to pack his bags and board a plane. I’m not so enthusiastic. For whatever reason, I’m just not keen to get into a metal tube full of people wearing masks to fly to a State where a different group of politicians is making rules that also ignore the concept of good ‘risk management.’

The Other

2021 – A new year, a new crop of memes and jokes – and names to remember. Covid-19 is now more commonly called SARS-CoV-2. You might remember that it became politically incorrect to refer to it as Wuhan flu or China virus, but you might be forgiven if you call the new variants UK variant and South Africa variant. Remembering their real names,  20B/501Y.V1, VOC 202012/01 and 20C/501Y.V2 is just a bit much.

There doesn’t seem to be a run on toilet paper so far.
We got a message from our nephew a while back. He wanted to thank the person who responded to his desperate search for yeast – and he thought it was funny that the yeast came wrapped like a nickel bag of dope.


This was funny when I saw it a few months ago. I’m not aware of anyone in our family who would bring weed to a family gathering (thought it is legal) – but family gatherings were illegal this Christmas.

18 thoughts on “This, That and the Other – 2021, Trees and a Virus

  1. Great post, Margy. Was wondering about your annual pilgrimage. As for the volcano thing, I think it will take more than one politician. I’m thinking maybe 537 from the U.S. How many can Canada spare?

    That last one absolutely sums up what an upside down world we now live in.

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  2. I thought about leaving my tree up too. I told my husband basically the same you said. The lights make me happy. In the end we took it down and stored it away. Enjoy your tree, it’s lovely and good way to help bring a bit of cheer to this strange and unsettling time.
    It’s interesting the odd rules in place. I hope you get to go to Arizona soon.
    Take care and hang in there and hope for the best.


  3. Arizona is a little better now, Margy. But not from a Covid perspective. Times are changing. Things will get better. In the meantime, enjoy that Christmas Tree. We bought a live one this year. Soon it will be moving outside. I think it is happy about the idea! 🙂 –Curt


    1. We miss the weather in Arizona – but have mixed feelings about being a foreign entity in that state. We also don’t want to get into a situation where Canada’s entry rules make it harder for us to return home easily.
      I’m glad that hubby and I have many, many years of life experiences and a good feel for risk management. That does dial down the fear.


      1. I think you are being wise, Margy. Peggy and I also have substantial experience with ‘risk management’ that allows us to do lots of things as long as we have respect for what we are doing and take the adequate precautions. –Curt


  4. Honestly, Margy, this is just such a charming post in so many ways. I loved it. If the pandemic ever ends, and the roads are good, you and I should meet for coffee someday.


    1. That is an excellent idea! Let’s put the suggestion on our respective calendars for this summer. By then there will likely be no mandates that stop an outdoor social gathering of 2 – social distanced – no mask if that is part of your comfort zone.

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  5. My tree is still up also Margy….in fact just yesterday we had our last Christmas celebration.
    Love those memes! Only thing….I wonder if the volcano would spew the politicians back out? Too much pollution? Might be interesting to watch?


    1. So glad to hear you were able to have Christmas celebrations. We are not supposed to have social get togethers at all, even outdoors.

      We had a small one anyway – immediate small family (the ‘bubble’ we had previously had for 6 months), for a few hours, in a large room, social distanced, masks for those who wanted to.

      As for the volcano – if it is the home of the devil, then I suppose it would keep the politicians?

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  6. I’m with you Margy – I would not be keen on getting onto a plane either. You’re safer there and the added one minute of light per day is making me happy too as sunrise was at 8:01 today. It was brighter due to the sunshine … we had not had sunshine this year until yesterday.


    1. I’m actually more afraid of what politicians will do than what the virus will do…

      Yes, the sunshine is welcome! We haven’t had as much as normal either, but any kind of light is always appreciated this time of year.

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