This and That – Truth, Andy Amazon, Epoxy Resin

There is More than One Truth

Imagine that Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson are far out in the English countryside in pursuit of a unique case involving an agricultural mystery.
They have settled down in their sleeping bags in a small tent for the night.
Just before dawn, Sherlock nudges Dr. Watson awake, and says,
“Watson – look up and tell me what you notice.”
Dr. Watson tells him that he sees the stars – that the clear sky means the weather will be good in the coming day – that the very faint light in the east says it is almost dawn. “What do you notice, Holmes?”
Holmes sits up. “I notice that someone has stolen our tent during the night.”
– Robert Fulghum, Now What? –

Shopping in the Time of Covid

If I find this mat on Amazon, I’m going to buy it…

The Car Guy calls him (though sometimes it is a her) Andy Amazon. Andy visits our house a few times a week. He/She has delivered everything from printer ink to kitchen sink taps… epoxy resin to tools… all the things that our local stores either don’t ever carry or  can’t get because of Covid caused supply chain issues.

The absolute nicest Andy was of Asian descent. He left a parcel at our front door, rang the doorbell, then headed back to his vehicle. I got to the door before he got to the end of the patio.

I opened the door and said, loud enough for him to hear, “Thank you!” He turned and… bowed.

Whenever it snows, I trudge out to the main road and shovel down to bare dirt so that Andy knows exactly where our driveway is. If Andy is just a few feet off the mark he/she could end up in the ditch. That would really mess up Andy’s day and maybe we would get a black mark next to our name and all the Amazon Andys would tell the dispatcher that they definitely don’t want to deliver the parcel to the house in the country with the really deep ditch that sucks your car in right up to the door handle.

Without Amazon, The Car Guy and I might go crazy… no, make that crazier…

Serious Lock Down Advice:
Everyone please be careful because people are going crazy from being locked down at home!
I was just talking about this with the microwave and the toaster while drinking my tea, and we all agreed that things are getting bad.
I didn’t mention any of this to the washing machine, because she puts a different spin on everything.
Certainly couldn’t share with the fridge, ’cause he’s been acting cold and distant!
In the end, the iron straightened me out. She said the situation isn’t all that pressing and all the wrinkles will soon get ironed out.
The vacuum, however, was very unsympathetic… told me to just suck it up.
But the fan was very optimistic and gave me hope that it will all blow over soon.
The toilet looked a bit flushed but didn’t say anything when I asked its opinion,
but the front door said I was becoming unhinged and the doorknob told me to get a grip.
You can just about guess what the curtains told me: they told me to ‘pull myself together!”
We will survive!
– Author Unknown –

When do you have Enough Drink Coasters?

Clear Epoxy Resin drink coasters with computer parts embedded in them

The Car Guy, Daughter the Nurse and gHosT the dog (who has posted on this blog a few times: gHosT the grand dog) get together once a week for a day of woodworking. For the past few months they have dabbled in woodworking AND epoxy resin.  One of The Car Guy’s first projects was embedding computer parts into the epoxy – in the shape of drink coasters. He has also embedded rocks, photographs, wood slabs and many other things. When we had answered the question “How many drink coasters does one house need?” the subsequent coasters left home and took up residence in the homes of various family members.

You might remember from a previous post that The Car Guy went through an epoxy resin glitter phase during the holiday season: Epoxy Resin Snow Flakes.

Daughter is cutting out intricate shapes with a scroll saw and filling in the holes with resin!

I am thankful that The Car Guy has embarked on a new hobby that challenges the creative side of his brain. I’m not saying woodworking isn’t creative, but the epoxy resin also challenges him to think more like an artist. An added bonus to this new hobby is that it is absolutely excellent daddy-daughter time and goes a very long way to keeping us ‘older folks’ from feeling very alone in this locked down Province.

gHosT wants to add this:

it was cold at the Red House. today. so cold no one. took me for a walk. but they put me in the fenced yard. i ran and ran and ran and borked. i smelled something. it was big. i think. it had a big smell. grandma said it was. moose. ive never met a moose. if i did. i would bork and bork. even more. the moose wouldnt know if it was a. friendly bork. or not. all my borks sound the same. even to me.

Scroll saw dinosaur with epoxy resin – by Daughter the Nurse

How are all you folks passing the time these days? Are you in some sort of lock down too? Are you feeling fearful or optimistic? Do you have things to do that make you happy? Do you have someone to share your life with?

8 thoughts on “This and That – Truth, Andy Amazon, Epoxy Resin

  1. My “car guy” and I are hunkered down out here in the wilds of southern Ontario; we’re under LOCKDOWN (even though its only the densely populated areas that are getting hit hard, Premier Ford has decided we should all shutter our windows and lock our doors and only venture out for groceries or other “essentials” until the numbers drop). Our life isn’t all that much different from how we usually manage things, especially in winter, when the snow flies and it’s too cold to want to venture out. He, of course, busies himself in the garage (there’s always something to rebuild, weld, tune, or otherwise “tinker with”); I’ve been doing a bit of writing and a lot of genealogical research (a task I started back in 2014 and neglected through and after our move), which fills my days. Time seems to have slowed down significantly, and I miss my kids and granddaughter like crazy, but I’m hopeful we’ll get back to some version of “normal” before summer arrives.


    1. It’s not much different for us here in Alberta Margo. We’ve put a push on to finish up inside projects that we have been putting off for years. Normally we would be in Arizona by now, but for many reasons have delayed our departure. If Trudeau enacts a real travel ban, it will make the trip south much harder, or impossible. We’ll see!


    1. I know what you mean!
      When it gets dark here, if The Car Guy turns on the porch light, I know Andy is making an evening delivery.
      The Amazon warehouse is about 20 miles from our place – we often get same day or next day delivery of stuff that isn’t even available in the stores or online from the other retailers near us.

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  2. I’ve been teaching English this semester but am now finished until next September which is exciting. Unfortunately, last week was one with lots of tears because I had to put down one of the sweetest dogs in the world after 15 years and almost 7 months in our family. I bought a puppy on the weekend that we will pick up on February 28th. Pandemic puppies are insanely expensive. This puppy has big paws to fill and I still have bouts of tears when I think of Cody. Your post was really interesting as always.


  3. I loved this update into how your family is hanging in there. Epoxy coasters and scroll saw T-Rexes look like a perfect use of time! 😀


    1. Yes, hanging in. Haven’t bolted for Arizona yet and don’t know yet if we will. Much depends on what our Prime Minister decides to do to discourage Snowbirds from flying – or more importantly, makes it difficult to return to Alberta.

      We also want to see if there are any major Covid policy changes from your new administration… and, of course, how AZ is faring with hospitalizations and deaths. No point jumping from this frying pan into a different one!

      Our province just opened up beauty salons again. Hubby and I got hair cuts today. Major outing!

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