Three Moose Morning

Three moose grazed their way through our yard a few mornings ago. Only one of them was within camera range. If this moose could talk, this might be the moose side of the conversation:

Good morning. Me and my two pals were sent here by the Munching Moose Tree and Hedge Maintenance Service. I finished pruning the hedge.  Now I’m going to do an Aspen Tree. What’s that? You don’t want the Aspen pruned? Well, usually the customer is right, but let me show you how I can fix the lopsided growth on this particular tree.

If I was to cut this branch off, right about here, this tree would look much better.

Now, another little snip right here…

There, I’m done this branch. Just thirty or forty more branches and I’ll be full… I mean done. Hope you weren’t counting on this tree to provide any shade this summer…

19 thoughts on “Three Moose Morning

  1. Now that is some scene! Wow. Thanks fir sharing your photos. I never saw a moose choosing his meal. Guess they were hungry. Sorry about the lack of shade next summer. Great dialogue. .


  2. That’s hilarious, Margery. Great photos. The first time I encountered a moose pruning a tree, I was in Alaska. I was out on a canoe trek through the wilderness and I heard a loud whoosh! Not having a clue what it was I nervously snuck through the underbrush. And there it was, literally stripping the leaves off of the tree. I quietly returned to my campsite and let the moose go about its business. 🙂 –Curt


    1. Alaska apparently has some of the largest moose specimens – maybe because it is a distinct sub-species that lives in Alaska and north western Canada. Moose do not seem to avoid human habitation – they apparently see it as just another source of food, especially in the months where there is nothing green to eat!


  3. Ha ha – what nice choppers he has … the better to prune your tree with. Now you know why, when you return from wintering in Arizona, your trees and bushes are looking unloved or puny. 🙂


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