Perspective – Grass Islands and Paths

The grassy paths from here to there.

‘Out Back’ is a fenced in area where the deer and the moose are NOT allowed to wander. For many years it was mostly grass because it was where our septic field was until the field got flooded with abundant rain. We moved the field to higher ground – which gave us more landscaping freedom. I started by letting the grass grow taller in some areas, creating wide, sweeping grass paths. The grandchildren loved racing along them and playing hide and seek.

A few years ago I started letting more and more grass grow taller, creating a series of grass islands. I started planting perennials, bushes and trees in the islands. This is what it looked like last fall, from the perspective of someone just over 5 ft tall…

Enter The Car Guy, who had bought himself a Drone and was looking for photo projects. At this Drone height, you get a better idea of what my project looks like.

Higher still, and another perspective. You can see the industrial warehouses that are starting to ‘creep’ out our way.

Way, way up – a clear view of nine of the ten grass islands. Over the next few years we can mow less pathways, add more shrubs and trees and let the islands get bigger.

Hopefully everything will have matured by the time the farm behind us is developed into an industrial park!

The aspen and spruce wooded area at the top of the photo is not fenced. It forms a small part of a large wooded habitat that is home to deer, moose, fox, coyotes and many other mammals and birds.

I can hardly wait until spring time – so many outdoor gardening plans – and not a single one of them depends on the stage we are at with this pesky virus!

19 thoughts on “Perspective – Grass Islands and Paths

  1. Super shots by the car guy. Your pattern is amazing. Looks like you initially viewed it and did a sketch from the air.


    1. The whole thing was ‘mapped’ by where I needed to mow in order to get from the house to various points in the yard, pushing a wheelbarrow…


    1. The Car Guy bought a cheap one to start with. It was difficult to fly. Then he saw his son-in-laws more expensive one. It is easier to fly and the camera takes really great photos. So he bought one just like it. I think a really great project at the AZ house would be taking aerial photos of peoples house/yard (if requested by the owner.)
      I’ve read about ranchers who use a drone to track down cattle. Farmers are using them to inspect crops for disease or bugs. As drones are becoming more popular, some governments are inventing ways to legislate and tax their use, of course!

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  2. Great job. I’m impressed. If your moose are like our deer, they look longingly over the fence and their idea of dinner. And this reminds me I have to go replace a fence post. Otherwise our hungry beasties will soon be feasting. –Curt


    1. When we bought this place, the fence (chain link) was 4 feet high. The deer (white tail and mule) easily jumped it. We tried all sorts of ways to deter the deer – nothing worked. A few years ago the fence needed major repairs, so we raised it by 2 feet. That did the trick and I was finally able to plant some fruit trees and berry bushes. My vegetable garden doesn’t get eaten to the ground. No deer poop on the deck…


  3. I’m completely impressed! I am not a gardener, but I do garden for the sake of the neighbours. I envy people who enjoy gardening as it is something that has to be done, and if you can enjoy it, it’s probably a wonderful way to pass the time. Anyway, you are creating something wonderful out there!


  4. The grassy islands sure are impressive Margy. It was an interesting still shot from ground level, but even more interesting from the drone’s perspective … now to get rid of all the snow and heavy mitts and don your garden gloves and get back to gardening.


  5. Great project! Let’s hope the pandemic migrates out of our lives and the vaccine works and we are ready to come and inspect your work. And you are welcome to stop in SF on your way to AZ. Anita and Jay


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