Doors, Ghosts Cats in Boxes

Does the cat in the middle box, top row, remind you of anyone you know?

Do you have a cat that is always looking for trouble?

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Do you have a duvet on your bed, or do you use blankets? We have duvets here at the Red House. We use two single duvets on our bed, instead of one big one. No more waking up cold because a shared duvet has migrated to the other person’s side of the bed!

A ‘better’ duvet cover is the kind that has a set of stringy things sewn onto the inside of each corner. The easiest way to insert the duvet in this type of cover, then, is to turn the duvet cover inside out and lay it on the bed. Lay the duvet on top of the cover. Tie the duvet corner strings to the duvet. Then turn the cover right side out.

I don’t have duvet covers with those strings. I have a sewing machine, I have strings, yet it is a sewing task I’ve never got around to doing. Instead, I use the ‘almost crawl inside the cover to try to match the corners’. How does the laundry/bed maker domestic engineer in your house do this task?

I just started a new band called ‘Blankets and Duvets’
We’ve already been called the best cover band of all time.
Author Unknown

20 thoughts on “Doors, Ghosts Cats in Boxes

  1. Blankets. I love a duvet but my husband finds them too hot and heavy, so he’d just throw his side over onto me and I’d end up too hot. I never could get the hang of putting those darn covers on, so a blanket is easier, too!


  2. Oh my gosh … had to laugh at your Duvet tales. We use a Duvet and Al and I always battle for control of the covers. Perhaps we should switch to two, but then again, in our small space and Queen mattress, two might be overkill. I use safety pins to help me thread that comforter into the Duvet. Always a humorous moment on laundry day, and in an RV, I tape into my contortionist skills which involves more humor!


  3. I notice that the cat video is less than a minute long. A cat’s attention span. I’ll buy your new band’s album. Will you be covering “Ghost Riders in the Sky?”


    1. Our cat brought a not quite dead one into the house one time. The mouse escaped and crawled under the hearth of the fireplace, where it died… and smelled for some time.


  4. Ha, I’m glad I’m not the only one who crawls inside the duvet, but it is tremendous fun when there is a cat in the house. That turns making the bed into a great game until the claws some out.


      1. It was funny. I watched a video today, I think on Twitter, of people working from home and their pets who want their owners to play with them and won’t leave them alone until they do. It was really funny.


  5. Loved the video! Personality-wise, the top middle cat is exactly like our Lady Grey.

    We’re blanket people and we use an extra big one so there’s no hogging it. Our two cats enjoy it very much and on extra cold nights, sometimes crawl under it.


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