This and That – Valentine’s Day (Video)

The Car Guy and I have big plans for Valentine’s Day… 2022. Valentine’s Day 2021, however, will be much like every other day during lockdown! Not that I’m complaining – I can’t think of anyone else in the whole world that I would rather spend my morning, afternoon, evening and nights with, day after day after day, than The Car Guy!

A bit more than half a century ago I was still searching for the right person – ah, those heartbreak years.  This video captures that pain… but only if you listen to it. Watch it, and you’ll get a good laugh.

After you’ve watched the video – do tell – did you give/or get a class ring? Gals, did you ‘size’ it with tape or string so it would fit, or did you wear in on a chain?

Relationships are a lot like algebra. Have you ever looked at your X and wondered Y?
– Author Unknown –

I don’t understand why Cupid was chosen to represent Valentine’s Day. When I think about romance, the last thing on my mind is a short, chubby toddler coming at me with a weapon.
– Author Unknown –

Love is in the air? Wrong. Nitrogen, Oxygen and Carbon Dioxide are in the air.
– Author Unknown –

If Donald Trump gave Valentine’s cards to his loved ones, the message might read: “I want you on my side of the wall.”
– Author Unknown –

15 thoughts on “This and That – Valentine’s Day (Video)

  1. Happy Valentine’s Day to you and Car Guy. I got the prized hockey jacket to wear, not a class ring. . lol I did have to tape up my engagement ring until I could get it sized properly.


  2. Never got a ring, or a jacket, or any kind of “memento” from either of my two (short-term) high school “sweethearts”. I kept an album of “Love Is …” comic strips in the early 70s, because my then-boyfriend thought they were cute, and I have the words to a song and a poem written by two others that I never threw out. Funny how some things seems important at the time and others things … not so much. Enjoy your Valentine’s Day (I’m doing pizza for my “car guy” – I’ll form the crust in the shape of a heart!)


    1. We are in the midst of a big clean up here and have found a few folders of mementos from high school. We’re chucking some stuff, but other stuff will get put away again!

      We had take out Vietnamese for Valentine’s Day. Restaurants have just been allowed to open for inside dining, but our Vietnamese one isn’t yet. We like to support them.


      1. We’ve “just” come out of lockdown; restaurants will be reopening (at 30% capacity) next week. There’s a brewery farm down the road (about 15 minutes) from us (they make beer and have a burger and wings restaurant on site) that we go to several times a year. It’s small, so I feel safe there. I’ve missed special dinners out.

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  3. The Car Guy!!– aka, Mr. Romance!!– every gal should be so lucky!! Always liked Patsy Cline– she sure could make heartache fun! (Great parody video, BTW.) Never gave a ring, but that’s probably because my town was too small to have a pawn shop. Happy Valentine’s Day, ya love birds, you!! 😊


  4. Oh, that video was so funny Margy – very clever! I grew up listening to Patsy Cline as my parents were fans of hers, plus other country crooners (the “real deal country crooners” as they were fond of saying). I never had a “steady” as we used to call our significant others back in the day. My parents did not let me date until I got out of high school. When I was in elementary school in Canada, I skipped two grades (as did many of my classmates) and I graduated high school, having just turned 17 years old. But I know the girls used to wrap their boyfriend’s class ring with yarn in order to wear it and it didn’t slip off.


    1. I met my ‘steady’ in the second half of grade 12, and married him! You were ahead of your time by not dating in High School. My grandchildren all just hung out with a crowd through High School – they didn’t pair off either.

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      1. Hows that for longevity for a high school romance. You did better than most of my classmates who married high school sweethearts and now are on second marriages, if not third marriages. I had the five friends I was really close with and none of us dated during senior year. That’s interesting – I didn’t realize that was a trend now, just hanging out and no commitments.


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