More Munching Moose

Two representatives of the ‘Munching Moose Tree and Hedge Maintenance Service’ were here again last week. When I pointed out to them that I really didn’t want any more pruning done, this is what they said:

“Well, we chose your yard for a free complimentary call! I’ve got a young trainee with me. Junior hasn’t got the skills of our more experienced crew, so really needs the practice.

Junior can’t reach the taller branches, so I’ve assigned him to hedge duty. He should have your willow cut down to about 3 feet before the morning is over.

While he is doing that, I’m going to work on this aspen tree over here. What’s that you say? It was pruned just a few weeks ago by our other crew? Well, they missed a few branches. Look at how lopsided it is!

See how we eat everything and never leave a twig behind for you to clean up! Well, yes ma’am, we do leave these round brown lumps on the ground, but we don’t charge you a thing for our Munching Moose Tree and Hedge fertilization program.

23 thoughts on “More Munching Moose

    1. Excellent site! Love the banner across the top of the page “CORONA VIRUS: FORCING WEBSITES EVERYWHERE TO ADD A GENERIC BANNER MESSAGE”. Reminds me of one of the solitaire games on my tablet – it frequently pops up a message reminding me of Covid rules in my province… like I’d missed the masking mandate, etc, etc somehow…

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  1. I had a White Tailed Deer Shrubbery Trimming Service come through my yard the year before last. They did a very neat job of trimming my Southern Belle hibiscus, euonymus, and dwarf lilacs (which deer are NOT supposed to like). Admittedly, it had been a very harsh winter, but I was shocked at how much “damage” they did without me ever seeing them (they left behind significant amounts of fertilizer, though!)


    1. The White Tails seem to have a much larger approved menu than the Moose! The deer are why we have a 6 foot chain link fence around my gardening area now!


  2. Watch out, I’ve heard about a moose scam going around where a moose knocks on your door saying he represents Tru Green Lawn Service and asks you to sign a contract.


    1. Happy to be of service – but don’t let the moose hear you or they will want to start charging me to watch their Munching Moose Comedy routine.

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    1. Yes, they are doing a thorough job on the willow in particular. By next fall we should be able to provide even more fodder for them. We have quite a few old willow that are in decline. We’re going to cut them back which will initiate a lot of new growth.


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