Stop Motion Clay Animation

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Gumby is an American clay animation about a green clay human like character created and modeled by Art Clokey.

A History Lesson on Stop Motion Animation

A Funny but slightly Gruesome Clay Animation – Great Song Though!

The song is Cinderella Rockefella. It was written by Mason Williams and Nancy Ames and was originally recorded and released by Israeli folk duo Esther and Abi Ofarim on their 1967 album ‘2 in 3’.

8 thoughts on “Stop Motion Clay Animation

    1. Gumby, Pokey, and friends are probably the best examples of stop-motion animation for members of the baby boomer generation. I’m surprised the ‘history lesson” didn’t include Davey and Goliath as well. Those two were regulars on my Sunday morning TV before church. I can still hear the closing credits trumpet music of, “A Mighty Fortress is our God”.

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  1. The claymation was bizarre but fun to watch. I went to a Mason Williams concert at the Jubilee Auditorium decades ago. I remember him saying that he was glad his big hit was “Classical Gas” and not “Purple People Eater” because, of course, he always had to play it when he went somewhere and thought it would be dreadful to have to keep repeating the other song. It’s strange what lodges in our brains!


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