11 thoughts on “Spring at the Red House

    1. It has been several years since children played there! None of them has claimed the car so far. It is big enough and colorful enough that I wouldn’t have missed seeing it – so I really don’t know where it has been hiding.


  1. I thought for a moment you’d splurged and bought yourself a little red sportscar! LOL! Mine has been stationery in the garage since fall of 2019; I’m putting the insurance back on and driving it this spring/summer even if I have no place to go (due to more COVID restrictions and lockdowns). Enough is enough!

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    1. Yes, the little car does look quite realistic at first glance!

      We took our sports car down to Arizona in the fall of 2019. Left it there and haven’t been back down since April 2020. Yes, enough is enough and we’ll head south this fall no matter what kind of crazy is going on in Canada…


    1. I’m looking forward to seeing how the yearling’s life changes if the ‘mother of all moose’ has a baby this spring. The yearlings face and size makes it easy to pick it out from the rest of the ‘Munching Moose Tree and Hedge Maintenance Service’ team. I’ve read that it takes 4-6 years for them to reach full size.


      1. Black tail deer around here, drive their teenage kids off before a new fawn is born. It takes a while for the kids to figure it out. “Why are you doing this, Mom?” You can almost sense how perplexed they are.

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    1. I’ve read that they tuck a leg under their body feathers to warm it up…
      I saw a quote that said “Be a Flamingo in a flock of Pigeons.” If you replace ‘Pigeons’ with ‘Geese’ your observation makes perfect sense!

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