‘Rona Virus – Spike and the Variants

You can find many photos of ‘Spike and the Variants’ on the internet, but the pictures are kind of fuzzy and they make one variant look just like another. Not to worry. With a little imagination and a Pigma Micron No 03 pen, I think I captured their likeness very well.

My home province, Alberta, is currently a hot spot for the wild performances of the spike protein virus, SARS-CoV-2.

‘Spike’, having been booed off Alberta stages twice now, called for some fresh new faces to liven up the act. A group of  ‘Variants’ answered the call.

Experts say there are too many variants to count and most of them are functionally no different than ‘Spike’ the original. However, The WHO has clarified that there are seven variants “of interest” and three variants “with real potential”.

Variant B.1.1.7 from the U.K. has been the most active in Alberta; P.1 from Brazil has tried to make it onto the mainstage, but without much luck. Variants B.1351 from South Africa and B.1.617 from India have so far not been allowed to perform more than a handful of times.

On a more serious note, Government has reacted to ‘Spike and the Variants’ by locking us down for a third time (though in reality, we’ve been in some degree of lock down for over a year now.) Fortunately, the weather has improved considerably – we are ‘allowed’ to meet up with one other family, outdoors, social distanced, as long as there are no more than 5 of us…

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12 thoughts on “‘Rona Virus – Spike and the Variants

  1. Here in Ontario, we are restricted to “gathering” with members of our own household and one other person IF that person lives alone. We’re under a strict six-week “stay-at-home” order until May 20 (maybe longer, depending on the numbers). We can go out only for essential purposes – to buy groceries and gas, go to the pharmacy or a medical appointment, for example (although garden centres remain open – THANK GOODNESS – at 25% capacity; to me they are “essential”!) We have very few cases where we are (small town, rural environment) but the order is province-wide (in the hopes of keeping people from the “hot spots” like Toronto from venturing too far afield and infecting us as well). I sure hope this ends soon (we’re well on our way to vaccinating the majority of the population, so at least that’s a step in the right direction).


    1. Alberta isn’t much different that Ontario, I guess.
      Reality for us is that we’ve only been going out for essential purposes for over a year now! As for the restricted gathering, we’ve stretched the rules for that a bit to create a ‘good mental health’ bubble that consists of our daughter and her dog. They have been a lifesaver!


  2. As you know, I’m an Alberta too, and I have to say, this pandemic is soooo depressing. I just finished my last class of online teaching this morning and I’m done until the fall. We should be into “full-frontal” teaching by the fall, and I pray I don’t have to look at a sea of masks.


    1. I bet you are happy to have that school year over.
      I never thought masking children was a good idea anyhow…
      It has been interesting to watch kids walking home from school in our area. Six months ago, most of them would be masked and distanced. Now they aren’t, though I bet some of them put the mask back on before they get near their house…

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  3. Always love a light spin on a heavy topic – hilarious. And you should frame your excellent drawing of Spike and the Variants. Put ’em under glass to imply they are “captured” for good.


    1. I used ‘Spike and the Variants’ to make thank-you cards for the Medical Professionals who have given us such excellent medical advice for the past year.
      Good point about framing Spike!


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