DoodleChaos – Line Rider Race

DoodleChaos artist, Mark Robbins, draws with Line Rider, an online application that allows you to make videos by drawing lines on which, Bosh, a little person on a sleigh, slides along the path you draw. In this video, he synchronized the William Tell Overture (by Rossini) to 8 Line Riders racing down the track to victory.

If you want to experience just how difficult and time consuming it was to make this video, go to the Line Rider site (click play to start) and try drawing a few lines! See if you can keep the little sledder from crashing!

I tried it:

This is the track I drew (after a lot of tries…)
And this is what happened to the Line Rider as he attempted that last climb…


The William Tell Overture was composed by the Italian composer Gioachino Rossini. The opera premiered in 1829.

The music has been used many times in popular media. It as the theme song for ‘The Lone Ranger’; Walt Disney’s Mickey Mouse cartoon ‘The Band Concert’; a Flintstones episode “The Hot Piano”; advertising for ‘Reebok’ and ‘Honda Civic’ and the movie ‘A Clockwork Orange’.

13 thoughts on “DoodleChaos – Line Rider Race

  1. I’ve seen this before and it’s mesmerizing. But now that you ask us to consider how it’s created, it’s even more impressive. The parts where the cyclists do wheelies, or the bikes just continue by themselves, or the tracks reverse back right to left… so many nuances. I’d be lucky to draw just one cyclist on a boring straight line with an occasional bump to match moments in the Overture!


    1. I haven’t the skill or patience to do this type of video (or to knit, either.) That is what is great about people – there is always someone doing something that lots of other people can’t do!


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