Dandelions – Too Many to Love

If you find yourself worrying, go outside, take three breaths, address a tree and quietly say, ‘Thank you.’ If you can’t find a tree, a dandelion will do… Nature is magic.
– Robert Bateman –

“A Dandelion.” Not millions of dandelions that blanket your yard and smother the grass and all other flowers…
A single plant can produce up to 20,000 seeds. The have a deep tap-root, up to 3 feet long (but usually 6-12”), which allows it to survive drought and competition with other weeds.

Photo on the left is one of our ‘dandelion fields’ (in 2011) when there was still more grass than dandelions. Today it is almost solid dandelions.

Dandelion seed head – original Macro Photo

The ability of dandelions to tell the time is somewhat exaggerated, owing to the fact that there is always one seed that refuses to be blown off; the time usually turns out to be 37 o’clock.”
– Miles Kington –

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Some people need flowers, some people need dandelions. It’s medicine, it’s what you need at that time in your life.
– Sandra Cisneros –

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Some ideas, like dandelions in lawns, strike tenaciously: you may pull off the top but the root remains, drives down suckers and may even sprout again.”
– Elizabeth Bowen –

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By the time we left college, I had become my own image: a dandelion in the flower bed of society. Kinda cute, but still a weed.
– Anne Fortier –

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Don’t hover around lives that you are supposed to touch only for a brief while. If you don’t know how to drift away, ask a dandelion and it will show you the way!
– Indhumathi –

16 thoughts on “Dandelions – Too Many to Love

  1. We had more dandelions this spring than ever before. It must have been the “perfect conditions” for them to take over. To be honest, I found the fields of yellow quite pretty. There are many different types of dandelions – we have a second type blooming now (much taller; different leaves). I pull them from the “lawn” at the back (if I don’t, they’ll take over), but let them grow wherever else they want! A weed is just a “plant out of place”.


  2. I like them better when they are fluffy and go to seed. We get the Poplar trees here with their fuzz drifting all over and it looks like snow when it all gloms together and also attaches itself to the A/C grille necessitating hosing down the grille at least once a week.


    1. The fuzz really is like a snow storm. We had a lot of poplar at the cabin and if we had been away for a week or so, we almost had to shovel the deck during poplar cotton season.

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  3. The 37 o’clock made me smile in remembrance. Dandelions must be the most taken-for-granted flower in the world. I was surprised to read recently that we have 250 species in Britain and Ireland and that you can take classes to learn to identify them.


    1. Now there is a class I would never take! It is hard enough to figure out what aquilegia are in my garden – and I like them.


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