Martha Moose Introduces Newest Staff Member

The ‘Munching Moose Tree and Hedge Maintenance Service’ is back on our property after taking the summer off.

Martha Moose has a new calf and she brought it (Morley) for a visit a few weeks ago.

Yesterday they were back again and ready to go to work. Morley chose a baby moose size willow bush.

When the willow had been reduced in size somewhat, Morley moved into ‘grass mower mode’.

Martha, who was following Morley’s progress, inspected the work done on the willow bush – and decided it would be best to prune it right to the ground.

Now thirsty, Morley executed a perfect ‘reverse direction and lunge procedure’ that seemed to catch Martha right off guard. Morley managed a few quick gulps before Martha let out a bellow and a sidestep that unlatched her baby. Though she is probably several months away from completely weaning Morley, it seemed like she was sending the baby a message.

To be honest, I don’t know if this adult moose is the same moose that frequented our yard last year – though the patterns of travel, bedding areas and foraging choices are identical to the moose and calf that visited our property last year.

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What do you call a moose with no name?

What do you call the leader of a group of moose?

I tried getting on a plane with a dead moose once.
The attendant said I had to check it as luggage. I said, no it’s carrion.

16 thoughts on “Martha Moose Introduces Newest Staff Member

  1. I am sure Martha has her babe at heart and is only teaching lessons. And how nice that you have a free landscaper


  2. Considering how warmly you welcomed Martha and her offspring last year, I’m not surprised she returned. Obviously “the grass is greener …” 🙂


    1. I think you are right about us being welcoming. We have been removing the dead wood in the forest (for fire protection reasons) which has made it easier for them to use those areas.


  3. It is so nice when “they” come home. We always look forward to seeing whether “our” loons will return every summer and what they will produce. This past summer they presented us with twins! Fun!


  4. This is a wonderful post coupled with amazing Moose pictures!
    I absolutely loved it! Thanks Margy! 😊


  5. Morley’s cute, as mooses (meese?) go. I laughed at your description of Morley trying to snag some milk to wash down those dry willow leaves but Mama has other ideas about that. 🙂


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