Canadian Thanksgiving – Tradition Ideas – Mirthy Monday (Video)

It’s Canadian Thanksgiving! Happy Eat Until you are Stuffed Day!

Does your family have any interesting Thanksgiving Traditions? How about treasured recipes that your family always serves?

Here are a few non-traditional ideas that you might want to try next year!

We stuff our Thanksgiving bird with cereal—sometimes sugary, sometimes silly, not usually healthy but one year it was Grape Nuts.
– Author Unknown –

Speaking of stuffing – how about a Rice Krispies/Marshmallow turkey with smarties stuffing for dessert!?

When I was a kid, my aunt gave every one of the cousins a little chocolate turkey as we wrapped up the evening. We all assumed it would stop when we grew up, and yet there are still around 15 tiny chocolate turkeys circulating through the house every year. We’ve taken to hiding them in each other’s bags so she doesn’t know we aren’t eating them anymore. Pretty sure one of my cousins unknowingly went home with about 8 of them in 2016.
-Author Unknown –

This would be the ultimate way to ‘baste’ a turducken! (A turducken is a deboned chicken stuffed into a deboned duck which is then stuffed into a deboned turkey).

Here is a video for a Mini Turducken wrapped in Bacon.

Start the day off on a sweet note by serving your traditional Thanksgiving pies for breakfast with coffee instead of after the big meal. That way, you won’t be too full to indulge in dessert.
– Good Housekeeping Home –

Bowling with Turkeys – Forget bowling balls and bowl with a frozen turkey this Thanksgiving using soda or water bottles as makeshift pins. This hilarious tradition started in 1988 at Lucky’s grocery shop in Newport Beach, where the bowling took place in the alleys of the store.
– Culture Trip –

There are many ways to cook carrots, but at Thanksgiving they are best if they are in a carrot cake with cream cheese icing!

Host a potluck dinner… asking everyone to bring a dish to pass can create a more diverse, exciting spread. It also lessens the load on the host.
– Good Housekeeping Home –

More about the Holiday and the Bird:

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17 thoughts on “Canadian Thanksgiving – Tradition Ideas – Mirthy Monday (Video)

      1. Here’s what the Food and Wine blog has to say about it Margy:
        There’s nothing worse than laboring over a Thanksgiving turkey for hours, only for it to emerge from the oven dry. Luckily, our Culinary Director-at-Large, Justin Chapple, has a Mad Genius Tip that will get you juicy meat every. single. time. The secret? Mayonnaise.

        It may sound unusual, but when you cover your turkey with mayonnaise, it bastes it during the roasting process, keeping the meat moist and tender. And before you ask, no, it doesn’t make the turkey taste like mayonnaise, either, so mayonnaise-haters need not worry. With this hack, you’ll win Thanksgiving—so grab a jar and get cooking. Find Justin’s key tips for preparing the turkey below and get the recipe here.

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    1. I don’t get not eating the chocolate turkey either. However, my husband was given a chocolate shaped like a car wrapped in tin foil printed to look like a little car. He carefully put it in the fridge. Too nice too eat, I guess. Years later it was still in the fridge…

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  1. I didn’t realise Canadians celebrated Thanksgiving in some ways! Loved the carrot meme and carrot cake is pretty darn nice. My other half really likes it but I don’t usually carrot all! Lol…. Thanks for the chuckle.


    1. Yes, I liked the jellied concoction idea the best. I do remember jello salads being the rage for many years! Fortunately it was hit or miss whether I could get simple jello to set. When I did get it to set, I really didn’t want to spoil the texture by adding things that had to be chewed…

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