Tick Tock Owl

I collect Clocks and I love Owls! This Clock, a gift from the Daughter who owns Ghost the Dog, was a perfect gift for me!

The Rokr Owl Clock, Kit #LK503

Some Assembly Required…

Or rather, this Owl Clock kit was a perfect gift. It is a product of Robotime, a company that specializes in designing, manufacturing and selling Wooden Puzzles and educational toys for Kids… and Adults.

The kit consists of high-quality plywood pieces that are laser cut. You push them out  and then assemble them according to the detailed instructions. My only complaint is with the Instruction Manual. The diagrams are not very large and are a bit vague sometimes. Robotime should outsource their manuals to LEGO or IKEA

Fortunately, a few people have posted  YouTube videos to show how they built the clock. Had I  spent a few hours watching these, maybe the gears on my clock would turn the way they are supposed to. Or maybe they would work if I could understand the manual’s  ‘Timing instruction’ for the 30 minute timer. English is not the first language of whoever wrote these instructions.

Oh well, the clock does keep accurate time and is very handsome! Some day The Car Guy will troubleshoot the sticky gear problem for me.

Mechanics Hourly Rates:
$50 per hour
$75 per hour if you watch
$100 per hour if you help
$150 per hour if you tried to do it first and couldn’t.
– Author Unknown –

Mechanic – mi-ˈka-nik – someone who does precision guesswork based on unreliable data provided by those of questionable knowledge. See also Wizard, Magician.
– Author Unknown –

20 thoughts on “Tick Tock Owl

    1. The first time I opened the box and looked at the instruction book, I put it all away… it took me 6 months of looking at the box to decide I had the time and patience to tackle it!
      Hope your mother in law liked the name!

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  1. Wow! Great job! Pat just bought a kit of a bicycle for a buddy who use to design and build bikes. He is now in a home because he can’t get around too well. He is a former machinist so hopefully he won’t have too much difficulty.


    1. My daughter has collected a few pigs but mostly because the logo for her husband’s company is a ‘beast’ that looks like a sitting pig… I’m going to ask him why he chose that animal…

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  2. Very cool clock and how you put it together Margy. Tick Tock is loads better than Tik Tok which snippets I see on social media often leaving me SMH, which may be a sign of old age on my part.


    1. I’m staying away from Tic Toc! I’ve cancelled my account with Twitter. I’m closing down the Facebook account I used with this blog. The only social media account I have is a personal Facebook one, and I’ve blocked seeing the feeds from some of my friends because they have become so ‘unkind’ and toxic during Covid!
      I guess it is old age, or maybe we just have a better grasp on how the dark side of social media works.

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      1. I’ve never been on Tik Tok but our news is all about the teenagers who are developing tics to be like the people with Tourette Syndrome who REALLY do have tics and their body convulses with the tics. Are these teenagers crazy – this is what we will have running our world down the road. I joined Instagram as a fellow blogger from the UK began a running regimen during COVID. She took pics along the way and posted them in her blog, then only on Instagram. I can’t follow how Instagram is set up, so have abandoned it. I like Twitter for the weather (especially the volatile weather) and follow nature sites there, as well as Facebook. The comments on Facebook and Twitter border on manic sometimes. People hide behind their profile pics and spew venomous comments.

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  3. Random memory for you. Your first photo reminded me of the thoroughly awful movie, “Clash of the Titans” (the 1981 version with Laurence Olivier and Harry Hamlin). One of the characters besides the humans was a mechanical owl, who I believe was meant to guide the travelers on their dangerous journey towards establishing peace with the gods. I love mythology and “Clash” was based on actual Greek writings, but really? A mechanical owl? Not that I wouldn’t build the one you built. Looks like a fun project 🙂


    1. I had to look up the mechanical owl – a strange looking bird and clearly not a Great Horned Owl like my clock! I never saw the movie and with your advice, I likely won’t!
      Rokr makes a lot of interesting kits – I’m thinking one of their steampunk music boxes next…


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