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First Date

Jeanne Robertson was a professional speaker who specialized in down home humor. In this video she speaks, as she often does, about  her husband, Jerry, who she lovingly called ‘Left Brain’ (Jerry is the man in the green sweater). Jeanne and Jerry died within months of each other in 2021, but Jeanne’s special brand of humour lives on in her many videos.

Do you remember your first date at a Drive Through Hamburger place? Did it feature the accidental escape of ketchup from one of those little ketchup packages, such that there was more ketchup on the girl’s good white blouse than on the guy’s french fries?

It Has to be 9PM Somewhere:

When I was a kid, getting put to bed at 9 PM, I couldn’t wait until I was a grown-up and could stay up until whatever time I wanted. That time is, apparently, 9 PM.
– Author Unknown –

The recent referendum in our Province (that asked if we wanted to stop changing our clocks twice a year) was 49.8% for and 51.2% against. I am disappointed, though not surprised that half of the people wanted that ‘extra’ hour of light at the beginning of the day and the other half at the end of the day. On the positive side, when the clocks change again in early November, most of the clocks in my clock collection will be on time again.

An Idea for Christmas – Borrow the Neighbours Kid for your Family Christmas Photo:

Get your relatives speaking to one another again by sending a heartfelt Christmas card with a picture of your family with an extra child nobody knows.
– Author Unknown –

Beep Beep! Has PETA ruled on Cruelty to Cartoon Coyotes?

PETA is asking Major League Baseball to stop using the term “bullpen” to describe the area where pitchers warm up and instead use the term “arm barn.” The nonprofit organization argued that saying “bullpen” is insensitive to cows in a news release on Thursday.
– Sports Washington –

I’d Watch the News if This Happened:

If liar’s pants really did catch on fire, watching the news would be a lot more fun.
– fb/New and Interesting –

Tree Hugging When Lumber Prices are Off the Charts:

Another Dog Tail from Olive and Mabel

A Motorcycle Joke

If my name was David and I had a boy, I would have to name him Harley. That way, he could introduce himself “I’m Harley, David’s son.”
– Dad Jokes –

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  1. Apparently PETA has never heard the expression “pick your fights carefully.” This is why so few people take them seriously. They should be concentrating solely on the slaughtering issue instead of asking us to believe that cows get their feelings hurt by a term in baseball. As our esteemed leader would say “C’mon, man!”


    1. ‘Pick your fights carefully’ or ‘Is this the hill you want to die on?’ “In 2019, of 2,421 dogs and cats received at PETA’s Norfolk shelter, 1,578 were euthanized, according to the Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services (VDACS).” With revenues of $66 million in 2020, you would think they could put more money into their rescue program and less into goofy outreach campaigns.

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  2. Jeanne Robertson is one of my favorite speaker/comedians. I’m sad to hear of her and her husband’s passing. They seemed such good people with a wonderful loving relationship.
    I enjoyed your post and the humor of quotes and life.


    1. Yes, Jeanne and her husband seemed to be the type of people you would love to have as friends or neighbours! I thought it was fitting that they would both pass on so close in time.

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  3. This was such a cute post. I hate to think that Jeanne and her husband are gone, but it’s nice to think that one didn’t have to do without the other for years. Also, I do love dogs, but the golden dog’s fleshy coloured nose was rather alarming for some reason.


  4. “Harley, David’s son”. Love that, Margy! I’ll remember the joke – and I can never remember jokes – for the obvious reason 🙂


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