Moose Wrongly Accused

These moose in our yard may be the same three moose that were accused of attacking a man at a location a few ‘moose miles’ away from us…

Three members of the Munching Moose Tree and Hedge Maintenance Service were wrongly accused of attacking a man.

The Story: “Alberta RCMP now say they are attending a medical emergency… that involves a moose in the area (urban) after issuing a wildlife warning for a ‘moose attack’…”  Date: November 3, 2021, 6:18 PM. Source: CBC News

Later, an addition to the CBC report said: “RCMP had issued a wildlife warning, but have since said the incident was a medical emergency.”

A CTV News report (at 6:52 PM) said: “…when officers arrived, they discovered that the moose, a mom and her two calves, hadn’t come into contact with anyone and the man had instead suffered a “medical emergency.”

Thirty four minutes. That is the difference in time between the CBC report and the CTV report. It only took 34 minutes for the CTV reporter to clarify that the moose did not attack anyone. That won’t, however, stop a moose attack story from spreading faster than the truth.

Falsehood flies, and the truth comes limping after it.
– Jonathan Swift, The Examiner, Nov. 9, 1710 –

It’s well understood that there’s a bias to our sharing negative over positive news, and also a bias to sharing surprising over unsurprising news.
Deb Roy, co-author ‘The spread of true and false news online’ –

Is there an upside to the false part of this story?
Maybe. People might be more wary of moose and stay away from them.
Maybe not. People might try to scare the moose away and that might not end well for the people or the moose.

I’ll be glad when the moose have left the ‘big city’ and returned to their ‘rural roots’!

15 thoughts on “Moose Wrongly Accused

  1. Enjoyed this story. Sometimes it is indeed difficult to know the truth unless it is a first hand experience and even that can be subject to perceptual biases. Maybe that is why some wise people say life is an illusion. Moose interesting!


  2. It used to be you could believe the “big” news stations but not anymore. The “major” media channels are as bad at spreading false news as the social media forums are. I honestly don’t trust anything I read anymore!


    1. I agree – it seems like you can’t trust any media any more! Mass Media is after the ‘breaking news’ that gets clicks because that is what sells advertising. Users of social media are after likes.

      In the last few days I’ve read headlines that say US President Biden will shut down the Line 5 oil and gas line… or maybe replace it, or replace a section of it… All just speculation about a pipeline that is owned by a Canadian company, Enbridge.


  3. The media does not always get the story right the first time. We should check our sources and remember you can’t believe everything you hear or read, especially social media. Glad there was no moose attack.


    1. I’m glad there wasn’t an attack either. There are very few verifiable stories about moose attacking people, so it isn’t a surprise to me that the person was ‘down’ because of a medical emergency unrelated to the moose.


    1. Moose don’t see humans as a source of food, so unless the person provokes the moose, there is probably little reason for the moose to waste energy by attacking. Provocation, though, might even be a person walking with a dog (dogs might look like a wolf to a moose), so the person should always keep their distance, especially when they see a mother moose with a calf, or a male moose during mating season!

      We walk within a few hundred yards of the moose when they are in our yard, but we always keep a bunch of trees between us and the moose and we are always moving away from where they are bedded. If they are standing, we wait until they have bedded, and if they are feeding we don’t go anywhere near them!

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  4. Well I am glad they didn’t shoot them – we had an emu on the loose yesterday. A guy was in his yard and someone’s pet emu that got loose, trotted up to him and wanted to make friends. 🙂


      1. That’s good especially since you said an attack by them was unlikely. Yes, the young man who had the emu encounter said it was not what he expected to find. I’ll send the link to the story separately in case it goes to SPAM.


    1. It is rather fascinating to see how the moose have taken to living in proximity to man. The same can be said for rabbits, deer, coyote and bobcats which have taken up residence in Calgary. They will stay as long as there is plentiful food. When the rabbit population diminishes, I expect the coyotes and bobcats will move out of the city – if people keep their pets safe…


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