Andrew Cotter – Olive, Mabel and Penguins – Mirthy Monday (Videos)

Andrew Cotter began his career at Scot FM in Edinburgh before moving into sports commentary for BBC radio and TV. When sporting events were cancelled due to Covid-19 he began posting videos of his labradors, Olive, eight, and Mabel, four, on Twitter and YouTube.

Andrew Cotter narrates the nightly walk of the fairy penguins of Victoria’s Phillip Island as a high-stakes, long-distance race.

7 thoughts on “Andrew Cotter – Olive, Mabel and Penguins – Mirthy Monday (Videos)

  1. Thank you so much for giving me my laugh (out loud) for the day!!! I’m going to keep an eye out for Andrew Cotter’s book. I love his videos (which you introduced me to!)


  2. I did enjoy watching Andrew Cotter during lockdown what a talent. Those little fairy penguins on Phillip Island are not far from where we live. Before the nightly penguin parade became a tourist attraction, one could stand on the beach and they’d stumble about us on their way to their burrows.


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