Correlation and Causation – The Lighter Side

Correlation means there is a relationship or pattern between the values of two variables. Causation means that one event causes another event to occur.
Khan Academy

‘Correlation Does Not Imply Causation’. In my day we said,  ‘Don’t Jump to Conclusions!’

The Car Guy, by virtue of occupation and natural tendency, is extremely good at situation analysis and risk management. Me – not so much. Do you have one of these annoyingly logical people who don’t jump to conclusions in your life too?

7 thoughts on “Correlation and Causation – The Lighter Side

  1. It’s not much of a close-up but that cat must be pretty fat to have caused that roof to give way. Now, what were you saying?


    1. Yes, the photo makes it kind of hard to see that smug look on the cat’s face that says, ‘You were late with my dinner last night – I make it hard for you to park your car…”

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  2. I love the correlations! I started looking for more data even before I got around to making this comment.


  3. These are great! I’m sure there are some out there who would see the correlation and could also decide that it was due to some sort of conspiracy.


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