Spike and the Variants – Will Omicron be the New Lead Singer?

Spike and the Variants – a Zentangle by Margy

‘Spike and the Variants’ continue their highly successful world tour, though their lead singers continue to be ousted and replaced by members of the new generations. In Alberta, Alpha finally stepped back (for the good of the band) and let Delta lead the climb to the top of the charts for the second half of 2021. Today there are rumours that Omicron might push it aside, but time will tell whether the new upstart has what it takes to lead a new wave of ‘dispopularity’.

What Doesn’t Kill you… mutates and tries again…

… doesn’t this sound like elections too?

13 thoughts on “Spike and the Variants – Will Omicron be the New Lead Singer?

    1. Thank you. I’m looking forward to making Spike and the Variants Christmas cards again this year… no point letting the lighter side of the pandemic go to waste.


    1. Maybe omicron will fade into obscurity taking the worst politicians with it. It has been suggested that the next election might see a changing of the guard as the electorate responds to the way politicians responded to the virus.


    1. Thanks for the heads up about the band. Yes, there is a band called Omicron. It is a death metal band in Belgium. The formed a few years ago and used the name of the Omicron Cygni Galaxy.


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