‘Rona Virus – The Alberta Picture

After nearly two years of varying degrees of shut down and a never ending daily dose of fear delivered by Mass and Social Media – how has Covid impacted Albertans? Was the collateral damage suffered by children, teens, isolated seniors and the work force a justifiable sacrifice? Did ‘we save Grandma?”

Here are some stats. Does the reality match your impression of the pandemic?


1. Hospitalizations and ICU Combined:  16,028 Covid patients were Hospitalized in the almost two years of Covid (March 2020 to January 2022). That is .36% of the total population. Reality Check:  The total number of Covid patients were about double the daily number  of patients treated in Alberta’s hospitals in 2019 (the year prior to Covid.) 400,000 patients are discharged from Alberta Hospitals each year.

2. ICU:  3049 patients or .07% of the population needed care in ICU. (Reality Check: In 2019, 24,010 patients were in ICU.)

3. Deaths: 3338 people died or .075% of the population.  A distinction has not been made as to how many deaths were caused by Covid and how many deaths had Covid as a contributing, but not primary factor. That distinction is now being tracked in some jurisdictions since a growing number of patients are coming to the hospital for other treatment but are asymptomatic for Covid. Reality Check: In 2019, 26,268 Albertans died, which is .6% of the population.

4. Covid has predominantly been a disease of the elderly with existing health problems. The Average age of death was 7875% of Covid deaths were people over the age of 70. Though the elderly have the highest vaccination rates, they can have less robust immune systems in general.

Weekly Deaths from Covid in Alberta: (October 1 2020 to Jan 5, 2021)  Red line: Under Age of 50; Blue Line 50-79 Years of age; Green Line: 80 + years

5. Comorbidities (Exisiting Health Problems): of those who died:
82% had Hypertension (high blood pressure)
52% had Cardio-vascular disease
50% had Renal Disease
44% had Diabetes

Of those with Non-Severe Covid: 32% had one or more comorbidities.
Of those Hospitalized but not in ICU: 76% had one or more comorbidities.
Of those in ICU: 77% had one or more comorbidities.
Of those who Died: 93% had one or more comorbidiities.

6. Vaccines: Since January 1, 2020: 
70% of cases were unvaccinated or less than 2 weeks from getting the first dose.
80% of hospitalizations  were unvaccinated or less than 2 weeks from getting the first dose.
75% of deaths were unvaccinated or less than 2 weeks from getting the first dose.


Note: Alberta is now in what is being called the 5th wave or Omicron wave. Though hospitalizations are rising, the numbers in ICU are not yet climbing as they did in previous waves.
This graph shows how deaths do not always track the same as cases or hospitalizations.

7. Cases: Cases have been the key metric used to scare people. Cases do not necessarily track closely with other metrics (particularly deaths). Alberta has cut back on public testing in order to conserve PCR tests for medical professionals and high risk populations.


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