Pea Pods and Black Coffee

Green Pea Pods

My Virus Update – a cold, the flu or Covid? Don’t know and stubbornly don’t care. The medical treatment (so far) is the same as it has always been for a cold/flu and the isolation/masking is socially required these days…

The Car Guy and I have not been tested for Covid yet and we hope to make it through the whole pandemic without having got one. Call it Baby Boomer defiance to the last two years of government mandates and mass media fear mongering…

So, I’ve made it through the sniffles and the cough and now I’m at the tired stage. I wouldn’t say fatigue, just ‘walk around the block and then lay down for a while’ tired.

The Car Guy has not succumbed to the virus at all. I didn’t think he would. He never gets colds or flu. There are too many variables to figure out why this is, but in the true spirit of finding spurious correlations and claiming them as causes, I present raw green pea pods and black coffee. He consumes both in significant quantities. I don’t. So there you have it.

15 thoughts on “Pea Pods and Black Coffee

  1. Now I know where I went wrong! I drink the black coffee but my grandma taught me to shuck the peas out of the pods and eat the peas. Actually, as kids, I can remember eating the whole thing so maybe that’s why I haven’t gotten really sick.


  2. Glad you are doing better and husband has not come down with the whatever you have. And at this point, what would testing do? I drink lots of black coffee and drank water from a well growing up that tasted rather like salt so maybe I will be ok.


    1. You are right about the testing, though I think for some people it would be a relief to know they have or didn’t have Covid at a particular time!


    1. I’ve been fortunate that the tired part isn’t that bad. I think I’m feeling better by the day. I had the flu in 2017 and it was a lot worse than this!

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  3. I don’t blame you for not testing if you don’t have to! I have, and it’s not pleasant. And since you have to stay home with the flu, how is that different for you? As for the reason for your husband’s never getting sick…makes sense to me! Theories have been formed on less!


    1. My next post will tell the rest of the story. Husband got mild symptoms, was curious whether it was Covid, ordered a few rapid tests, and is strongly positive. Good deal for me because I didn’t have to put a swab up my nose, but am pretty sure that I either had Covid or will get it from him…


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